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Welcome To Java Island Indonesia, Exploring The Experience of Real Wonders of Nature and Culture of Indonesia.


Java has a lot of natural beauty and is very wide, so there is a lot to explore. Within Java there are 6 provinces: Banten, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Special Capital Region of Jogjakarta. The local culture and art is very diverse, so there are many interesting things to visit.

Java, Indonesia lies to the Southeast of Malaysia to the West of it’s popular sister-island Bali and to the East of Sumatra. Java is a diverse and beautiful island.

Java Island is the center of the activities of all Indonesian people! Many people live in the island of Java which has resulted in the density of the population on the island. Because of Java Island’s population, it has the highest density of any island in Indonesia. 

Much of Java’s popularity is due to the fertility of the land for agriculture. Java’s former name was Jawadwipa, which means fertility. The wooden stick stuck in the ground can become a plant. Cattle can be fat because the grass is green everywhere. Because of its fertility, Java attracts immigrants to become the most congested in Indonesia. Java island also is home to the capital city Jakarta.

Java Private Tour Guide Indonesia will gave you a little insight on what to expect when visiting and why you should pick his Company for your time exploring this tropical paradise 

Sometimes you find it difficult to get Professional Drivers in JAKARTA – BOGOR – BANDUNG – YOGYAKARTA – SURABAYA – MALANG – BANYUWANGI – BALI – LOMBOK, not just drivers who can drive cars, but drivers who can speak fluent with more 7 foreign languages ​​(English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French and other languages) so they can make your trip comfortable. 

Be sure to get a driver who knows the ins and outs of city and rural areas and shortcuts! It is also important to know the road and traffic conditions and the natural conditions on the island of Java.

Visit Java’s biggest cities (JAKARTA – BOGOR – BANDUNG – YOGYAKARTA – SURABAYA – MALANG – BANYUWANGI – BALI – LOMBOK) – Indonesia for business trips,Vacation or Special Request, City Tour, or plan to travel from city to city in JJAKARTA – BOGOR – BANDUNG – YOGYAKARTA – SURABAYA – MALANG – BANYUWANGI – BALI – LOMBOK or maybe transfer you to hotels around the city or at outside the city, or from the hotel or outside the city to the airport.

Yes, exactly!! the right choice is a Java Private Tour Guide that will serve you with comfort and on time, we operate 7 days a week and 24 hours! 


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