Overland Tours

Overland Tours

You are interested in trying new experiences, traveling through land travel to explore Java and Bali, where you can see firsthand the beautiful country of Indonesia, and establish friendships with local people.

One of the reasons to explore Jakarta and Bali with a Java Private Tour is that you will experience many interesting experiences that have never been revealed throughout Java and Bali that you will not find if you use other tour companies, because Java Private Tour is an independent and private company, Java Private Tour will be your driver, your tour guide and interpreter, and you are more saved because we are professionals.

Java Private Tour will take you to visit all the interesting and very anti-mainstream spots in an area, such as old factories that are still operating, traditional markets, national parks, beaches, volcanoes, temples, rice fields. This is a unique experience and this is a land adventure that will be very memorable.

The Java Private Tour Overland Tours program between 10 days until 30 days. This trip is about sharing great experiences with people who share your interests. This trip is about friendship that is part of the adventure. This journey is about thinking broadly about the state of the world around us. Java Private Tour is your most complete choice to visit the islands of Java and Bali.

Get to know more about Java and Bali, explore nature, learn culture, take part in traditional art activities, enter the time tunnel and learn about the history of Java and Bali, taste a variety of traditional culinary delights, ecotourism and see the traditional agricultural activities of the people of Java and Bali.



Experience the essence of travel with us and let us become a cherished part of your remarkable adventures. Remember us as your gateway to endless exploration and treasured moments.



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