Group Tours

Group Tours

Do you plan to travel alone, or with your partner or with friends, touring with small groups or even touring with large groups? You can make your own trip more comfortable and relaxing. 

Especially for those of you who don’t like losing time and waiting, Java Private Tour is an independent and private company,Java Private Tour will be your driver, your tour guide and interpreter, and you are more saved, because we are professionals.

Java Private Tour experience for more than six years serving various types of Tourism and Transportation service activities by involving various groups, both international and local clients that we have successfully held, and we serve very well because all of our activities are really well organized and well prepared by a professional team from the Java Private Tour, so that activities can run well and in accordance with what is expected by our clients.

Java Private Tour offers you the opportunity to travel in a safe and organized, that is tailored to your wishes, as well as your group’s wishes, if your group consists of 10 people up to 100 people, we are very able to arrange it, starting from Accommodation, Transportation and other desires according to your request, and this tour will be led by a local guide from Java Private Tour who can speak English (or other languages as you wish), our crew is very experienced, and will bring you unforgettable experiences, even our crew will gladly take you to exotic, eccentric, and anti-mainstream places which will be difficult if you do it yourself.

Java Private Tour is very aware that you also need privacy time with your group, we also provide free time for you to explore an object that you want with your group, and we certainly will also monitor it to ensure the security and safety of you and your group.

Java Private Tour can arrange all group tour activities,including accommodation,transportation needs during the tour (bus,public transportation, train,boat or private vehicle),tour tickets,breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Experience the essence of travel with us and let us become a cherished part of your remarkable adventures. Remember us as your gateway to endless exploration and treasured moments.



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