Bantargebang Landfill: A Glimpse into the Dark Side of Jakarta’s Waste Management

Bantargebang Landfill- A Glimpse into the Dark Side of Jakarta's Waste Management – Have you ever wondered where all the trash from Jakarta goes? The answer is Bantargebang Landfill or Bantargebang integrated waste disposal, the largest landfill in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This massive dumpsite is a stark reminder of the environmental challenges facing Indonesia and the world. A mountain of trash Bantargebang Landfill has been […]

Navigating Tourist Traps, A Guide to Transparent Travel

tourist traps in Indonesia

Unveiling the Secrets of Hidden Costs and How to Avoid Them – In the exciting world of travel, the promise of new adventures often comes with hidden pitfalls, leaving unsuspecting tourists to fall prey to what is commonly known as “tourist traps.” These traps can manifest in various forms, from undisclosed fees and unscrupulous […]