Living Legends: Baduy’s Sustainable Lifestyle and Ancient Beliefs

baduy tribe – In the heart of Java, where lush landscapes meet cultural mysteries, lies an extraordinary community known as the Baduy or Sunda Baduy. As we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of this secluded tribe, Java Private Tour opens the doors to an authentic and immersive experience for those seeking more than just a typical tourist adventure.

The Enigmatic Sunda Baduy: Guardians of Tradition


Nestled in the hinterlands of Lebak Regency, Banten Province, the Sunda Baduy people, with a population of approximately 26,000, are a unique subset of the Sundanese indigenous community. Renowned for their steadfast commitment to preserving their ancestral ways, the Baduy remain untouched by modernization, embodying a lifestyle that is almost entirely isolated from the outside world.

The Baduy Way: Beyond Tourism

Rejecting the labels of “tourism” or “travel,” the Baduy introduced the term “Saba Budaya Baduy” in 2007, translating to “Cultural Silaturahmi of Baduy.” This reflects their dedication to maintaining the sanctity of their homeland and traditions. Their refusal to be documented, especially in the Baduy Dalam region, adds an air of mystery to this secluded community.

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Unveiling Baduy: A Glimpse into their World

The Baduy reside in the Kanekes village, situated in the Leuwidamar sub-district of Lebak. Their settlements, such as Cibeo, Cikertawana, and Cikeusik, are strategically located along the Ciujung River, within the Cultural Heritage of the Kendeng Mountains.

Preserving Heritage: Language and Lifestyle

The Baduy communicate in the Baduy dialect of the Sundanese language. Despite their lack of formal education, they converse fluently in Bahasa Indonesia. Education is eschewed, as it contradicts their customs, yet they possess a unique approach to learning and expanding their knowledge.

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The Three Baduy Groups: Tangtu, Panamping, and Dangka

  1. Tangtu (Baduy Dalam): The strictest adherents to tradition, residing in Cibeo, Cikertawana, and Cikeusik. Their distinct white and dark blue attire sets them apart, and they strictly avoid contact with outsiders.
  2. Panamping (Baduy Luar): Those who have left the Baduy Dalam community, residing in various surrounding villages. They have embraced some aspects of modern life.
  3. Dangka: Residing outside Baduy territory in villages like Padawaras and Sirahdayeuh, acting as a buffer zone against external influences.

Roots and Beliefs: Unraveling Baduy Origins

According to Baduy beliefs, they are descendants of Batara Cikal, one of the seven gods sent to Earth. Their history is intertwined with Nabi Adam, the first ancestor, tasked with maintaining world harmony through ascetic practices.

Baduy’s Unique Spiritualism: Sunda Wiwitan

Their faith, known as Sunda Wiwitan, blends animistic beliefs with reverence for ancestors and the forces of nature. While rooted in ancient traditions, it bears traces of Hindu, Buddhist, and later Islamic influences.

Living in Harmony: Baduy’s Sustainable Lifestyle


Central to their beliefs is the concept of minimal change, reflected in their daily lives. From simple farming practices to honest trade, the Baduy embody a philosophy of preserving nature and maintaining balance.

Governance and Livelihood: Balancing Two Worlds

The Baduy people navigate dual governance systems, adhering to both national and traditional structures. The Pu’un, the highest adat leader, holds a position passed down through generations, combining both administrative and cultural roles.

Connecting with the Outside World

While the Baduy maintain strict adherence to their customs, their interactions with the outside world have evolved. Rituals like “seba” demonstrate their allegiance to the rulers, and trade has transitioned from barter to currency-based transactions.

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