From Braga to Asia-Afrika: Bandung’s Historic Trail in 24 Hours

gedung sate bandung – Hello, wanderers and history enthusiasts! Have you ever found yourself with just a day to spare in the charming city of Bandung? Fear not, for we’ve curated a list of four historical gems that will transport you through time, all while basking in the beauty of Indonesia’s cultural richness. Whether you’re a history buff, a fashion-forward explorer, or someone seeking Instagrammable moments, Bandung has something special for everyone.

1. Gedung Sate: A Symphony of Architectural Marvels

Gedung Sate- A Symphony of Architectural Marvels

Ah, Gedung Sate—the iconic landmark of Bandung that seamlessly blends various architectural styles. From the Moorish windows reminiscent of Spain to the Asian influences mirroring Balinese temples and Thai pagodas, this building is a true masterpiece. And let’s not forget the nod to Italy’s Renaissance and the touch of Borobudur’s stone ornamentation. This architectural fusion creates a visually stunning and culturally rich experience.

Constructed in 1920, Gedung Sate played a pivotal role during Indonesia’s fight for independence in 1945. The building stands as a tribute to the seven young heroes who valiantly defended it against Gurkha forces. Today, visitors can explore not only the historic aspects but also discover captivating photo spots within the premises. For a deeper dive into Gedung Sate’s history, a visit to the Gedung Sate Museum is highly recommended.

2. Jalan Braga: Where History Meets Style

Jalan Braga- Where History Meets Style

Once the main street and fashion hub during Dutch colonial rule, Jalan Braga exudes an old-world charm that earned Bandung its nickname, “Paris van Java.” “Braga” is believed to derive from the Sundanese word “ngabaraga,” meaning stylish. This area has been a fashion hotspot since its early days.

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For modern explorers, Jalan Braga is a must-visit. The street boasts classic buildings, offering a picturesque backdrop for today’s youth in search of trendy photo opportunities.

3. Jalan Asia-Afrika: The Historic Milestone

Jalan Asia-Afrika- The Historic Milestone

Jalan Asia-Afrika, the road that witnessed the historic Asian-African Conference in 1955, serves as both a tourist destination and a popular photo spot. As the focal point of Bandung’s Old Town, this road is eternally remembered in the concrete walls of the Pedestrian Overpass (JPO). Just a short walk away is the sought-after spot featuring the inscription, ‘Bumi Pasundan Lahir Ketika Tuhan Sedang Tersenyum’ (The Land of Pasundan was Born When God Was Smiling), created by M.A.W. Brouwer.

4. Alun-Alun Bandung: A Green Oasis of Heritage

Alun-Alun Bandung- A Green Oasis of Heritage

Established around 1811, Alun-Alun Bandung has witnessed the evolution of its surroundings. Once surrounded by rows of iconic banyan trees during the Dutch East Indies era, the square in the heart of Bandung has undergone several renovations. The most recent transformation in 2014 added synthetic grass and a children’s play area, making it a favorite among tourists nationwide.

Even Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, has expressed full support for heritage tourism. As travelers, we can contribute by making these historical landmarks our travel goals. After all, what better way to explore the past while embracing the rich history of our nation?

While the excitement of exploration is irresistible, let’s not forget to adhere to health protocols diligently. Whether it’s donning masks, washing hands regularly, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowds, limiting movement, or refraining from communal dining, let’s ensure that our wanderlust is not only satisfying but also safe and comfortable.

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Jalan braga bandung
Braga Street Bandung

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