Special Escort Services

Special Escort Services, JAVA BALI

Now you can order security services easily through us, you as a user can hire professional and trained security services from us to ensure your security, events, or be your personal bodyguard. We present this service because we see a high need for security services, especially for the upper middle class, such as business people who frequently conduct transactions, foreign nationals, and politicians. We ensure that security personnel who are booked through the Java Private Tour always carry out Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that have been set while on duty, and you can also make special requests regarding what type of escort you want, and what security facilities you want. Our services are already present in other major cities in Java and Bali.


*Click HERE for special requests related to our security services which include: Escorts Vehicles with Motorcycle or Car, Special Guard, Personal Guard.


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*Note : Our resources are highly trained with a Military background.