Ubud Village, the heart of Bali’s beauty with a green tapestry

Atmosphere in Bali.
It's not complete, discussing Indonesia without involving Bali in it. This world tourism destination, known as a center of art and culture with natural beauty that binds on every corner of the island.  The island of Bali is located between Java and Lombok. The majority of the population is Hindu, which makes Bali dubbed the island of a thousand temples.  The island is the central focus of tourism destinations in the eyes of foreign countries.  So no wonder, the majority of Balinese residents work in the tourism sector.  This island is abundant in art, beaches and unique culture. In every street corner and area, the smell of incense sticks out which is a symbol of worship for Hindus. Incense itself is a kind of fragrance that is burned and has profound meaning.
Sacred Architecture and Full Of Meaning.
Not only that, the uniqueness of Balinese home architecture also welcomed the tourists who visited this island. We will find a row of Balinese houses that have a complex structure but neatly arranged. Balinese architecture is influenced by Hindu traditions and inherent ancient Javanese elements. This architectural style is sacred oriented, with mature concepts and calculations and represents sacredness.
"Ngaben" The Traditional Funeral Ceremony.
The island of Bali is surrounded by a sea rich in coral reefs. In general, the beaches in the south of the island store the beauty of white sand, and black sand in the north and west.  It is not only the famous fame of nature, the arts and culture of this island we must also explore. One of the unique traditions that has become a part of Balinese life is the Ngaben Ceremony. This ceremony is the process of burning the body and releasing the ashes to the river or ocean. The meaning of this release is a symbol to release the spirit from the shackles of worldliness so that it can be easily united with God.
Ubud, The Best Sub District For Travel and Leisure.
On the other side. Bali has precious gems that are famous all over the world. Ubud, is one of the famous villages in Bali which has been named as one of the world's best cities Travel + Leisure version. Ubud has become very popular as a center of Balinese art and culture. We will find various art galleries that reside in every corner of the village.  Painting, sculpture, and sculpture are central pillars supporting the charm of the village of Ubud.  The village is also the center of the art museum, which will become a paradise for art connoisseurs. Along the area of ??the road, we will find a row of craft shops that are suitable to be a source of space for souvenir hunters.
The Enchanting Realm Of Gods.
In another part, Ubud holds endless natural charm. The village is flanked by dense forests and ravines of rice fields. This location makes Ubud, has a tropical rain forest inhabited by long-tailed macaques. Another attraction that has managed to steal the attention of tourists is terraced rice terraces. Terraced rice fields are rice fields that are made into terraces, with the aim of reducing the length of the area used for growing plants, controlling the speed and amount of water distribution, and increasing the volume of rainwater infiltration into the soil. These fields are usually found on hillsides, so that they also serve to maintain the stability of the slopes. this is called the Subak system, a water management system for irrigated rice fields that has been developed since the 9th century until today in Bali.
Abundant Luxury Of Art.
Every day, Ubud Village performs art and dance performances which are held every night in various parts of the village.  natural and cultural hospitality, coupled with the hospitality of the villagers, adds to the peaceful atmosphere of the village and blends into perfect harmony.  The thickness of tradition, the abundant luxury of art, and the panoramic view of the village that looks like it is clad in a green tiled rug, makes Ubud deserving to be a foothold for tourist destinations from around the world.
Written by : Annisa – Java Private Tour
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