The history and development of tourism in Bali

Bali tourism is very well known in foreign countries, so that's why most of the population of Bali has a livelihood and business that is engaged in tourism. Such as hotels, restaurants, tour guides, artists, craftsmen, and many others. Tourism in Bali is developing very rapidly, because the island which has the nickname as the island of the gods has a variety of tourist attractions, such as traditional arts, customs, traditional Balinese traditional architecture and exotic tropical nature.
The island of Bali is one of the provinces in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which is very well known for having many beautiful hidden beaches with white sand, green forests between the mountains and the sea, neatly arranged rice fields with beautiful and clean villages, many hidden waterfalls. in the forest which is very enchanting, as well as the culture of the Balinese indigenous people which is unique and very exotic to learn. Bali is a real fantasy about life where you can feel the warmth of the morning sun over the rice fields, and feel the beautiful exotic sunset on the beach, historic old temples with extraordinary civilizations, very unique arts followed by the nature of the people who warm and friendly. Places such as the rural atmosphere in Ubud, Tanah Lot, Kelingking Beach, Seminyak Beach, Mount Batur, Lovina Beach Dolphins, Traditional Kecak Dance performances, Mount Kintamani, Sekumpul Waterfalls, Diving and Snorkeling in Nusa Penida and Amed Beach, you can explore the rich culture of Bali by spending two or three nights in Bali. Bali is the only province that is dominated by Hindus in Indonesia, which as I said before that Bali has some very interesting temples and monuments to visit, so don't let you miss this moment, and I remind you again about another moment, namely a holy place to find peace and inner peace when visiting Bali, namely the spectacular sunset view over the Indian Ocean horizon that you can see in the courtyard of the Uluwatu Temple, which at the same time is accompanied by the accompaniment of the Kecak Fire Dance, are some of the best recommendations from Java Private Tour that you can visit.
History of the Development of Bali Tourism.
Bali became known to the world, telling a long history. This history also influences the development of Bali tourism until now. The main thing that makes the island of Bali famous for its tourism, certainly not because of the beach, mountains and other natural charm. But Bali tourism develops because of its aesthetic value, cultural arts based on Hinduism, and the flexibility and tolerance of Balinese people, Edu from Java Private Tour will tell you about the development of tourism in Bali from time to time.
Dutch Arrival.
The history of the development of Bali tourism can be traced since the arrival of sailors from the Netherlands on the island of Bali in 1597 which was chaired by a Captain of a Dutch sailor named Cornelius Houtman, and this was the year the Balinese first made contact with Europeans. When Cornelius Houtman wanted to leave Bali, many of the crew did not want to leave Bali. They are very interested and fascinated by the prosperity and culture of Balinese people. But when the Dutch returned to Bali a few years later, the Dutch were no longer interested in the arts and culture of the Balinese. But the Dutch are more interested in making a profit by exploiting the island and the Balinese people.
Rejection From The Kingdom Of Bali.
In 1710 there was an upheaval in the Balinese kingdom which was controlled by the Gelgel kingdom in the Klungkung regency. This upheaval moved the Gelgel royal palace to the north and named Semarapura. Many small kingdoms in Bali are not satisfied with the government of the Semarapura kingdom. Making many small kingdoms in Bali want to create their own government, by separating themselves from the Semarapura kingdom.
This situation was seen by the Dutch as a great opportunity to conquer Bali, namely by dividing the Balinese unity. The Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok was part of the Balinese kingdom, and the Dutch made the Sasak Lombok tribe separate from the Balinese kingdom by rebellion.
The battle between the Balinese royal forces in Lombok against the Sasak tribe is inevitable.  Because the Balinese kingdom was divided, the defeat of the rebellious Sasak tribe was inevitable. The Dutch also controlled the northern island of Bali, which made the Balinese kingdom in the south, only a matter of time for the Dutch to conquer.
Dutch Colonialism.
In 1906, a Dutch warship landed on the coast of Sanur and precisely on September 20, 1906 a major war was inevitable.  Armaments from the Dutch that were more modern, made the Badung royal army suffer defeat. Badung royal troops who lost the war were then arrested by the Dutch and exiled.
Puputan War.
The defeat of the war against the Netherlands was a shame for King Badung. So the Puputan War (war to death) is fought by the king of Badung. This war event is now known as the Puputan Badung. The Dutch also attacked the Tabanan kingdom and the Klungkung kingdom and the War Of Puputan was also unavoidable. Kingdoms that do not fight bellows and surrender are the kingdom of Gianyar and the Kingdom of Karangasem. Therefore King Of Gianyar and King Of Karangasem were allowed by the Dutch to maintain their power on condition that it was under Dutch control.  With the end of the Puputan War, all areas on the island of Bali became Dutch territory.
The Puputan War carried out by the Balinese succeeded in tarnishing the reputation of the Netherlands in the international world. To make up for the mistake, the Dutch did not carry out a forced cultivation system on the island of Bali, but instead promoted the island of Bali to the international world. This is where the beginning of the development of the island of Bali as a place of tourism.
The development of Bali tourism starts from the number of foreign artists who choose to settle in the tourist area of ??Ubud to pursue their arts.  Artworks from foreign artists who settled in Ubud, directly promoting the island of Bali as an exotic place to visit. 
In The Early 1970s The Development 
Of Tourism Began In Bali.
The rapid development of Bali's tourism occurred in the 70s. When surfers find many waves on the island of Bali which is very good to use for surfing.  These surfers indirectly promoted Bali island tourism in the 1970s.
Favorite Tourist Destination In Bali.
In addition to white sand beaches, the tropical nature of Bali island includes mountains, hills, terraced rice fields, seabed, and rivers all offering their own uniqueness and characteristics. Therefore, there are so many international media that mention the island of Bali, as a tourist destination with a tropical climate, which is most in demand by foreign tourists.
In addition to surfing the beach, Bali water sports activities such as Parasailing, Jet Ski and Banana Boat become the main attraction for foreign tourists.  The biggest water sport activity site in Bali is at Tanjung Benoa beach. Every day Tanjung Benoa beach, visited by tourists to play Bali water sports.
Besides water sports in Tanjung Benoa, water sports that are also often sought by foreign tourists and domestic tourists are Bali rafting activities. For rafting in Bali the rivers used are Ayung river and rafting in Telaga Waja river.
Facilities That Support The World Of Tourism
In Bali.
Today there are so many hotels, villas, resorts, bungalows and home stays located on the island of Bali. The restaurant is also experiencing developments on the island of Bali, all of which are provided to accommodate tourists who vacation in Bali. Tourism in Bali also provides many private tour guide services, one of which is trusted is which has been recommended by various countries, which is ready to serve you foreign tourists who want a vacation to a tourist attraction in Bali.
But the most decisive factor in the development of Bali tourism is the safety factor.  Everyone certainly will not want a vacation to a place that does not provide a sense of security, but you do not worry, because Bali is the safest tourist destination in Indonesia.

Written by : Edu – Java Private Tour

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