Welcoming World Tourism Day 27 September 2020, the Ministry of Creative Economy Tourism and the Tourism Board together with several representatives from the United Nations, together with Edu and Endy from the Java Private Tour invite all tourism and creative economy stakeholders to revive and strengthen the implementation of appropriate tourism activities  with the Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability protocol in the midst of joint efforts to rise from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 1980, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has celebrated World Tourism Day.  Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi, a representative from Nigeria, was the one who proposed the idea to make 27 September each year World Tourism Day. The World Tourism Day, which is celebrated annually and led by the World Tourism Organization, aims to raise awareness among the global community about the social, cultural, political and economic values ​​of tourism, and to contribute to what this sector can make in achieving the goals of sustainable development.

This year's World Tourism Day carries the theme Tourism and Rural Development. The theme of this year's International Tourism Day is more on nature, rural areas, tourism and local communities, and tourism must be maintained in order to remain sustainable.

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