Java Private Tour Contribution to the World of Tourism

The Java Private Tour cycling movement, Edu with his crew and professional cyclists in Indonesia are visiting various tourist objects both in terms of : Art, Culture, Nature, Social, Ecotourism and History, and hidden paradise spots. The activities we are currently doing are still in the Jakarta and Bogor areas, but the future plan for the Java Private Tour is to cycle to visit various tourist attractions that are not only in Jakarta and Bogor, but also visit various places throughout Java and Bali.

The United Nations (UN) encourages member countries and other stakeholders, one of which is through the Java Private Tour to emphasize and promote the use of bicycles as a means to achieve sustainable development, strengthen education, including physical education to improve health, prevent disease, promote tolerance and mutual understanding and respect, and also facilitate social inclusion and the development of a culture of peace. The United Nations also encourages Java Private Tour to pay special attention to the use of bicycles in cross-sector tourism development strategies, and at the same time incorporate bicycles into development policies at international, regional, national and local levels.

The activities that the Java Private Tour undertakes are inspired by the successes of Copenhagen (Denmark), Groningen (Netherlands), and Portland (United States) which are the City of Bicycles, and the Java Private Tour sincerely hopes that the activities we carry out with our sponsors and colleagues can inspire city managers around the world to be able to provide excellent bicycle infrastructure, and the Java Private Tour is very open to those of you who want to support and participate and directly sponsor this very useful activity to advance the future of tourism and a better world economy.

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The aim of our movement is to socialize the current state of Indonesia, and to encourage the world economy through a positive contribution to the world of tourism through the cycling movement, and providing the latest information to the world that tourist attractions in remote areas of Java and Bali now can be visited by tourists, but of course they must still apply the applicable health protocol standards.

In between activities we also provide education about the benefits of cycling and sports tours, as well as how to visit tourist attractions in a safe and healthy way, and also introduce another side of Java and Bali that you have never known before.

Java Private Tour is the best choice to enjoy Adventure and Travel in a different way. Support the activities of Java Private Tour and our partners from around the world to advance world tourism for the better. Support our activities to advance world tourism by simply visiting our website on or finding us on Google and Tripadvisor by typing Java Private Tour, or you can contribute by liking and sharing each of our activities.


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