Java Island is an island in Indonesia with a population of more than 200 million people. This island can be said is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, the island of Java is inhabited by 80% of the Indonesian population, and the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia is Jakarta, which is located in the western part of Java. The island of Java dominates various aspects of the social, political and economic life of the Indonesian people.  There are so many records of Indonesian history that are located on the island of Java, and Java Island in ancient times was the center of the Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms, the Islamic Sultanate, the heart of the Dutch East Indies colonial government, and also the place where the Proclamation of Indonesian independence was held in 1945.

The people of the island of Java are diglossia who have various dialects and procedures for delivering language to communicate based on who the speaker and the interlocutor are, whether the interlocutor is a parent, friend, or relative, or someone who just met, and every Javanese language in every western region, eastern and central have very different dialects. As an example : The Javanese language, especially Central Java has four levels of procedures for communicating in the language, the first is Ngoko (rough informal), the second is Madya (regular medium), the third is krama (smooth), and the fourth is Krama Inggil (very smooth), while the western part of Java uses Sundanese which is different from the Central and East Javanese languages, although sometimes there are some similar vocabularies, and the East Java region is famous for its language and dialect which is a little rough, and is spoken loudly when compared to the dialect used by the Central Javanese.

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This is the time for the Java Private Tour to talk about the other side of the Java Island from the point of view of the Java Private Tour, which is the outer side of the standard definition of Java Island attractions that will explore stories about places that are more than just destinations, experience many cities in Java Indonesia like no other and discover it together with our recommended private local guide.

Edu and Java Private Tour in every trip always review various things about Java, including about culture, some people consider it taboo, but Edu and Java Private Tour try to review it from different sides, so that it becomes positive and educative meaning.

One of the visions and missions of Edu and the Java Private Tour is to continue to explore various positive potentials from various aspects of social, cultural and economic empowerment of local communities, as well as learning and education aspects to make Indonesian people more creative and able to develop themselves in the midst global competition.


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