Contract Marriage, Social Phenomena and Tourist Magnets in the Puncak (Peak) Area

If you like visiting green and cool places, then the Puncak Bogor tourism area can be one of the right choice destinations. This area is surrounded by tea plantations that stretch on every corner of the road, as well as fog that will move down late in the afternoon. Here, there will be accommodations that are deliberately rented out for a place to stay overnight, as well as available stops to unwind while enjoying the view. The peak is a mountain that is located in the area of Bogor Regency, West Java Province. Usually every weekend, the Peak will always be crowded with tourists from various regions.

Behind the beauty and allure that this region has, in fact Puncak keeps a unique place that is famous to foreign countries, especially in the Middle Eastern people. This unique place is located in the village of South Tugu, which is on a piece of road especially at kilometer 84 which is the Jakarta-Bogor connecting line. This place is thick with Middle Eastern nuance, so it is often dubbed the "Little Arabian Town". Along the road in this area, there are shops and restaurants with Middle Eastern nuance. Previously, this area was a private land which was filled by a base of traders who came from China. These merchants make tin-roofed stalls or cans lined up along the road, so this area is also dubbed the "Warung Kaleng". Gradually, traders assimilated and became one with the local population. Even though the atmosphere of China is nowhere to be seen and the stalls are now without cans, the name of Warung Kaleng is still attached to this area.

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In this area, we will often see Middle Eastern-looking tourists. Middle Eastern tourists first came here in 1985. They usually visit this place in July-September, a time for Middle Eastern workers to take a day off, and the great thing is that local people in the region mostly use two languages to communicate, Indonesian and Arabic. Not only that, even TV shows that aired in the corners of shops or restaurants usually use Arabic. The denseness of entertainment venues and lodging as well as the intense nuance of Arabic in this area, seems to be a special attraction for travelers from the Middle East. Usually these tourists will be found sitting in a café, while enjoying sisha (a term for typical Arabic cigarettes). In this place is also abundant by restaurants that provide typical Middle Eastern stomach fillers, at affordable prices. There are also drinks (vodka imported from Jakarta), imports of tobacco and spices imported directly from the Middle East.

But apparently in this area, tucked into unique and controversial habits that have become local culture. The tourists from the Middle East, consider this place as a place full of beautiful angels imported from other regions. The women who come to this place, are intended to marry a contract with the tourists. Contract marriage itself is a term for marriage based on compensation and within a certain agreed period of time, and after the contract expires the two partners can separate without having to go through a divorce trial. Contract marriage itself is a shortcut to satisfy sexual desires based on temporary marriage. Costs incurred by tourists for contract marriages range from 10-15 million, and depend on the duration of the contract. The longer the contract marriage period is carried out, the more expensive it will be. This phenomenon has become a common sight for local residents, because the social environment among its citizens is loose and fairly free.

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This activity seems to be a magnet for tourists to pamper themselves while releasing fatigue from daily routine. The tourists who come will be offered a contract marriage through intermediaries scattered throughout the Warung Kaleng area. After getting approval and choosing a bride, they usually will have a wedding in an inn. This marriage is also very fast, and only attended by witnesses, as well as the intermediary. After undergoing a temporary marriage with an agreed time limit, then the tourists can go home leaving their respective contract wives.




Written by : Annisa – Java Private Tour

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