Uncover the Enchanting Temple of Majapahit’s City: Mojokerto!

Uncover the Enchanting Temple of Majapahit's City Mojokerto!

javaprivatetour.com – Mojokerto, the city whispered to be the heart of the once mighty Majapahit Empire, beckons history buffs and curious travelers alike. Scattered across its landscape lie magnificent temples, silent sentinels standing guard over the grandeur and glory of a bygone era. Each candi (temple) whispers its own story, waiting to be unraveled by those who seek a deeper connection to the past.

Embark on a Journey Through Time: Explore Mojokerto’s Captivating Candi

Candi Brahu

Candi Brahu

Towering above the landscape like a watchful giant, Candi Brahu boasts a unique blend of architectural styles. This enigmatic structure, built before the Majapahit era, served a dual purpose – a crematorium for the empire’s revered rulers and a Buddhist stupa on its southeastern roof. Intricate carvings and a distinctive pagoda-like shape make Candi Brahu a must-see for anyone fascinated by Majapahit’s fascinating history.

Candi Gentong

Candi Gentong

Whispers of royal burials echo within the red-bricked walls of Candi Gentong. This 14th-century structure, adorned with two pagodas, served as a royal cemetery. Take a moment to appreciate the intricate details and imagine the grandeur of Majapahit’s funeral ceremonies.

Candi Bajangratu

Candi Bajang Ratu

Step through the majestic gateway of Candi Bajangratu, a 13th-14th century portal that once guarded the entrance to the Majapahit Kingdom. Its towering structure, known as a gapura, hints at the power and prestige of the Majapahit royalty who once walked beneath it.

Candi Tikus

Candi Tikus

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming name, meaning “Rat Temple” in Indonesian. Candi Tikus holds a hidden secret – it’s not a temple at all, but a cleverly disguised bathing place! Built in the 14th century, this ingenious structure is a testament to Majapahit’s artistic talent and commitment to hygiene.

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Gapura Wringin Lawang

Gapura Wringin Lawang

Imagine the bustling streets of Majapahit’s capital as you stand beneath the imposing archway of Gapura Wringin Lawang. This 14th-century gateway, adorned with towering pagodas, served as a grand entrance to the heart of the kingdom. Close your eyes and feel the energy of a bygone era as you pass through this historical portal.

Kolam Segaran

Kolam Segaran Majapahit

Marvel at the engineering marvel of Kolam Segaran, a vast reservoir built in the 15th century. This testament to Majapahit’s ingenuity showcases an advanced water management system designed to combat both drought and floods.

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