Discovering the Legacy of Oei Tiong Ham, the Sugar Tycoon of Semarang

Discovering the Legacy of Oei Tiong Ham, the Sugar Tycoon of Semarang

Embark on a Historical Voyage to Trace the Footsteps of Southeast Asia’s Sugar Tycoon – Hey there, traveler! If you’re planning a trip to Java, Indonesia, let me introduce you to one of its hidden gems—Semarang. This charming city might not be as bustling as Jakarta or as vibrant as Bali, but it’s got a rich history waiting to be explored. One of the most fascinating stories here is about Oei Tiong Ham, the world’s first sugar tycoon from Southeast Asia.

Who Was Oei Tiong Ham?

Oei Tiong Ham was a legendary figure in the business world during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Born in Semarang, he inherited his father’s trading company, Kian Gwan Concern, and turned it into a multinational business empire. At his peak in the 1920s, Oei was dubbed the “Rockefeller of Asia,” a testament to his immense wealth and business acumen. His fortune, estimated at 200 million gulden (around $1.5 billion today), was primarily built on the sugar trade.

Oei Tiong Ham Park, Gergaji, Semarang
Oei Tiong Ham Park, Gergaji, Semarang (colorized)

The Heart of Oei’s Empire

Oei’s home, often referred to as the Istana Gergaji or Balekambang Palace, was an 81-hectare estate in the heart of Semarang. This grand residence still stands today as the office of the Financial Services Authority of Central Java. The surrounding land has transformed into key governmental and educational institutions, but the legacy of Oei Tiong Ham’s opulent lifestyle and business prowess remains palpable.

Gergaji Palace, located on Jalan Kyai Saleh in Semarang
Gergaji Palace, located on Jalan Kyai Saleh in Semarang, is a relic of Oei Tiong Ham’s golden age. Today, the palace serves as the office of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regional 3 Central Java.

Semarang: The Epicenter of an Economic Revolution

In the early 20th century, Semarang was more than just a sleepy town; it was the center of Oei’s vast business network. His influence extended from local sugar plantations to global trade hubs in London, New York, and Shanghai. At one point, he owned multiple buildings in Semarang’s Old Town, which served as the operational core of his diverse business interests.

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Oei’s Global Footprint

Oei Tiong Ham was a pioneer who foresaw the potential of international trade. By establishing branches of Kian Gwan in strategic locations worldwide, he facilitated the export of Java’s sugar to markets in India, Japan, the United States, and Europe. His ability to adapt to changing market dynamics, such as shifting from sugar to other commodities like cotton and wool, showcased his business genius.

Kian Gwan Concern
The former warehouse complex of Kian Gwan Concern, which later became Oei Tiong Ham Concern, is located in the Tanjung Emas Port area, Semarang, Central Java. From this warehouse, Oei Tiong Ham once traded various commodities to various parts of the world.

A Lasting Legacy

Although Oei Tiong Ham passed away in 1924, his legacy continues. Many of his original buildings in Semarang are still standing, albeit with new purposes. For instance, the old office in Jalan Kepodang now houses PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia, a state-owned enterprise that manages some of the former Oei assets.

The sprawling grounds of Rejo Agung Baru Sugar Factory in Madiun
The sprawling grounds of Rejo Agung Baru Sugar Factory in Madiun, East Java, on Friday (October 19, 2018). Currently managed by PT PG Rajawali I Unit PG Rejo Agung Baru, this sugar factory stands as a testament to the glorious era of the sugar king, Oei Tiong Ham, who hailed from Semarang.

Unveiling Oei Tiong Ham’s Glorious Imprints in Semarang

For history and culture enthusiasts, Semarang offers an enthralling adventure to uncover the vestiges of Oei Tiong Ham’s illustrious legacy. Here are some notable landmarks to include in your itinerary:

1. Gergaji Palace (Balekambang Palace): Once the magnificent residence of Oei Tiong Ham, this grand structure now houses the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regional Office III for Central Java and DIY. Admire the opulent architecture and the serene gardens, remnants of the tycoon’s lavish lifestyle.

2. OTH Office Complex: Along Kepodang Street in Semarang, you’ll discover several office buildings that formerly belonged to OTH. One such structure is the Art Deco-styled headquarters of PT RNI’s pharmaceutical division.

3. Marabunta Warehouse: Located near Tanjung Mas Port, this warehouse complex was once utilized to store OTH’s trading commodities. Observe the distinctive “Marabunta” inscription and the giant ant statue that mark the site.

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4. Gedhong Duwur: Perched atop a hill in the Simongan area, this structure served as the residence of Oei Tiong Ham’s father, Oei Tjie Sien. Today, Gedhong Duwur functions as a residential building.

5. Gergaji Balekambang Area: Formerly part of OTH’s “palace estate,” this area has transformed into a densely populated neighborhood. You might still encounter remnants of the Bale Kambang, such as gateways, inscriptions, and statues.

The former headquarters of NV Kian Gwan
The former headquarters of NV Kian Gwan, owned by the sugar magnate Oei Tiong Ham, is located on Jalan Kepodang in Purwodinatan, within the Old Town district of Semarang. Currently, the building serves as Pringsewu Restaurant.

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Monod Diephuis & Co Building
Monod Diephuis & Co Building, located on Jalan Kepodang in Purwodinatan, within Semarang’s Old Town district, stands as a testament to the glorious era of Oei Tiong Ham.

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