Exploring the Ancient Tombs of Kamboja Cemetery in Depok

Exploring the Ancient Tombs of Kamboja Cemetery in Depok

javaprivatetour.c0m – Hey there, fellow explorers! Ready for a journey back in time? Strap in, as we delve into the intriguing world of ancient bunkers and tombs, hidden in the heart of Java, Indonesia.

Amidst the bustling chaos of roaring engines and honking horns, a piece of history lies peacefully undisturbed. Welcome to the Yayasan Lembaga Cornelis Chastelein (YLCC) Cemetery, a sacred ground for the descendants of Kaum 12 Marga, situated on Jalan Kamboja, Pancoran Mas, Depok.

Covering a hectare of land, this cemetery holds the final resting place for residents of Depok throughout the ages. As the saying goes, ‘An elephant leaves its ivory, a tiger leaves its stripes,’ and so did the notable figures buried here contribute significantly to Depok’s history. Join us as we explore this historical treasure trove.

Guided by Ferdy Jonathans and Geoffrey Loen, descendants of Kaum 12 Marga, our journey begins on motorcycles, weaving through the tight spaces between the graves. “This is a truly sacred burial ground for us, the Kaum 12 Marga,” explains Geoffrey, pausing by a grave. Despite the congestion, the cemetery continues to welcome new burials from the descendants.

Some graves even house multiple generations, with spouses, children, and grandchildren peacefully resting side by side. According to Ferdy, it’s not uncommon to find overlapping remains in a single grave—a husband here, a wife there, and perhaps their descendants in the future. The cycle repeats, creating a unique intertwining of familial ties.

Dutch Colonial Ancient Tombe in Depok West Java

Surprisingly, amidst the rows of Kaum 12 Marga graves, we discover ancient tombs believed to belong to colonial-era dignitaries from Batavia, the Dutch colonial capital. Notable figures such as Adolf van der Capellen, a relative of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Governor-General, and Cor de Graaf, co-founder of PGI Cikini Hospital, find their eternal rest here.

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In the words of Ferdy, “It’s almost like Taman Makam Prasasti in Jakarta. You’ll find ancient graves with unique structures, such as the stupa-like tomb of Cor de Graaf and underground tombs reminiscent of Taman Makam Prasasti. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?”

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