Journey through the Enchanting Villages of Ranupani and Argosari in Lumajang

visit lumajang – Are you ready for a journey into the heart of Java’s natural beauty and rich culture? Java Private Tour has you covered with the most captivating travel experience to the villages of Ranupani and Argosari in Lumajang. These two villages offer an immersive, off-the-beaten-path adventure that will leave you in awe of their stunning landscapes and cultural wonders.

Ranupani Village: The Gateway to Mount Semeru

ranupani lake at lumajang

Nestled at the foot of Mount Semeru, Ranupani Village lives up to its name by offering a series of exquisite lakes, including Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and Ranu Kumbolo. These lakes are renowned as some of the highest in Indonesia. Ranupani Village is now even more inviting with the recent addition of the Ranupani Rest Area, featuring well-maintained kiosks showcasing local small and medium enterprises.

Not far from the Rest Area Ranupani, you’ll find Ranu Regulo, a picturesque lake hidden away from the crowds, offering a tranquil ambiance surrounded by the songs of birds. This area provides complete camping facilities, and it’s also home to the Anggrek Semeru Education House, a fascinating visit for nature enthusiasts.

For a more unique experience, you can either hike through the beautiful rocky paths, surrounded by lush vegetation, or take a horse ride to the lake. The cost for a horse ride from Rest Area Ranupani to Ranu Regulo is around Rp100,000 per person, with experienced guides always by your side.

Tengger Festival at Ranupani Village

Ranupani is not only a natural gem but also serves as the starting point for climbing Mount Semeru. Keep in mind that climbing Semeru requires careful preparation. According to Cak Yo, one of the Semeru volunteers, climbers need to register online at least 3 days before their ascent, as there’s a daily quota of 600 climbers. This limitation is in place to ensure the comfort, safety, and preservation of the environment.

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Being responsible tourists is crucial, not only for the local communities but also for the preservation of the natural beauty. We, as visitors, must respect local customs and traditions, maintain cleanliness, prioritize environmental conservation, and avoid disrupting the ecosystems we encounter during our travels.

wearing sarongs and udeng (for men) and kain or selendang (for women)
The sarong and fabric as the Identity of the Tengger Tribe

Ranupani Village is also home to the Tengger community, who proudly uphold their unique cultural heritage, including wearing sarongs and udeng (for men) and kain or selendang (for women) as part of their daily attire. These garments hold deep cultural significance, symbolizing marital status, and are essential for the Tengger women.

While visiting Ranupani, don’t miss the chance to dress in traditional Tengger attire for a unique photo opportunity. It will be a memorable addition to your Ranupani experience.

As for souvenirs, you can stop by Hanna’s shop, where she sells locally made products. Hanna also produces a special condiment known as Sambal Teropong Pawon Tengger, made from Tengger chili and Teropong onions, along with jams made from Terong Tengger. These condiments have a shelf life of three months and are priced at Rp20,000 – Rp25,000 per bottle.

Sambal Teropong Pawon Tengger
Hanna and her culinary products

Hanna’s innovation is not only a culinary treat but also a way to ensure that these local products can be conveniently carried by visitors, including those staying in her homestay.

Argosari Village: “Land Above the Clouds”

Land Above the Clouds

The B29 peak is the highlight of Argosari Village’s tourism. From an elevation of 2,900 meters above sea level, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. On clear days, you can see the western side of Mount Bromo, Teletubbies Hill, Mount Batok, and the savannah. To the east, you’ll be treated to the sights of Mount Lemongan, Mount Raung, and Mount Argopuro. To the north, there’s Mount Arjuna and Mount Welirang. And to the south, you can gaze upon Java’s tallest mountain, Mount Semeru.

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To reach this peak, you’ll need to hop on a two-wheeled motorcycle taxi, as the road to the summit is narrow, steep, and winding.

B29 peak also hosts important cultural sites for the Tengger community, where they perform local rituals and ceremonies. One such ritual is “Ujar,” an expression of gratitude for the fulfillment of one’s desires. This tradition is not bound by religion, even though the Tengger community is predominantly Hindu; it’s rooted in their unique local culture.

In these customs, the Romo Dukun, an elder responsible for traditional rituals, plays a pivotal role. He works alongside the village head to determine the most auspicious dates for the ceremonies. In addition to the Ujar ritual, the Romo Dukun also leads the Hari Raya Karo, a communal gathering and feast held in the village hall.

Land Above the Clouds argosari

Argosari Village offers a distinctive souvenir in the form of wooden sculptures, crafted by local artisans known as “Upoko.” These talented carvers initially begin their artistry by painting before transitioning to wood carving. Their creations are inspired by their inner visions, and the result is a beautiful and unique form of religious art.

Exploring these picturesque villages is an exciting adventure for those seeking the beauty of nature and rich cultural heritage. Moreover, with the dedication of the local tourism community and the influence of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s “Sosialisasi Sadar Wisata” program over the past two years, Lumajang is more prepared than ever to welcome visitors.

Now, you might wonder how to make the most of your journey through these two villages. That’s where Java Private Tour comes in. With English-speaking, friendly, and knowledgeable guides, Java Private Tour offers a flexible and customized experience tailored to your preferences, whether it’s for leisure, business, research, journalism, or any other purpose.

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Explore the hidden gems of Lumajang with Java Private Tour and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty and cultural richness of Ranupani and Argosari villages. You can simply BOOK HERE to start you incredible journey.


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