Mysterious Cruise Ship Stranded on Welirang Mountain, East Java

cruiseship on weliran mountain – Are you ready for a jaw-dropping revelation about a massive cruise ship perched atop a mountain in East Java? Yes, you read that right! In a bizarre turn of events, a colossal ship has found its way to the summit of Mount Welirang, captivating the locals and stirring up curiosity among those who hear the story.

Now, you might be wondering how on earth a gigantic vessel could end up stranded on a mountain peak in East Java. Picture this: a majestic cruise ship, entangled between two towering pine trees and surrounded by thick, wild underbrush. What’s even more astonishing is that this maritime wonder is situated far from the sea, nestled on the mountaintop.

cruise ship stranded on welirang mountaiin

But that’s not all—beneath the ship lies a sheer cliff, adding an extra layer of mystery to the already surreal scene. How did this cruise ship, seemingly defying the laws of nature, end up on the summit of Mount Welirang in East Java?

From a distance, the ship looks like a real cruise ship. It’s painted white and blue, and it has a large bow and stern. But when you get closer, you can see that it’s actually a mosque. A mosque cleverly crafted to resemble a cruise ship. This unique architectural marvel serves as a symbolic representation of the ancient tale of Prophet Noah. According to the story, Noah was commanded by God to build an ark to save his people.

cruiseship on mountain east java

The mosque-cruise ship hybrid stands tall with dimensions of 45 x 25 square meters spread across five floors. Complete with a steering wheel, compass, monitor or radar helm, anchor, and lifebuoys, the mosque’s design perfectly mimics that of a genuine cruise ship. From a distance or up close, it creates the illusion of a ship stranded at the peak of Mount Welirang, located in Kabupaten Mojokerto, East Java.

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Adding to the intrigue, this ship-shaped mosque goes by the name “Ar Rahman.” It serves as a home for orphans and, beyond its role as an orphanage, functions as a center for addressing social issues.

mosque cruise ship welirang mojokerto Large

With its breathtaking views and the air of mystery surrounding it, the cruise ship-shaped mosque, Ar Rahman, has become a unique and captivating attraction, drawing the interest of many.

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