Sasak Gantung: The Unique Rotan Bridge That Captivates Tourists

Sasak Gantung- The Unique Rotan Bridge That Captivates Tourists – If you’ve ever traveled the route from Batu Karas to Green Canyon, you may have come across a unique bridge about 30 meters long. This bridge, made of rattan, is called Sasak Gantung by the locals.

At first glance, the bridge doesn’t seem like anything special. But for foreign tourists, it has a reputation of its own.

Sasak Gantung is actually a regular bridge that connects two points separated by the Cijulang River. The locals built it from rattan and bamboo tied together with steel wires to meet their daily crossing needs. But then, it seems that foreign tourists found the bridge unique, and word of the rattan bridge began to spread by word of mouth among backpackers from various countries.

There’s a unique sensation when trying to walk across the bridge, especially when a motorcycle happens to pass by. The elastic rattan frame makes the bridge sway back and forth. This sensation may be quite challenging for foreign tourists. Due to the limited load capacity of the bridge, the locals have imposed a rule that only two motorcycles can cross the bridge at the same time.

Sasak Gantung

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