A call to all of you foodies around the world, to all of you who always say YES to food. We invite you to join a tour to explore various traditional Javanese and Balinese culinary with Java Private Tour, you will eat here and there with the Java Private Tour, with a wide selection of traditional Javanese and Balinese food. We will take you to taste every popular food in the right place.

Culinary Tourism Highlights along Java and Bali :

– Enjoy popular Snacks and Drinks throughout Java and Bali.
– Eat with Local Style.
– Eat Traditional Food at Local Restaurants throughout Java and Bali.
– Know the process for preparing your food.
– Explore the best Street Food along Java and Bali.
– Exploring the flavors of Traditional Spices in Local Food.
– Understand more about Javanese and Balinese Specialties.

This will be an all you can eat experience without stopping, tasting the best food in every corner of urban and rural areas throughout Java and Bali on a culinary tour with Java Private Tour.  Our best crew will take you to the most favorite restaurants or food vendors throughout the cities of Java and Bali.

It's not complete if you go to Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali without a culinary tour, besides enjoying attractive tourist destinations, enjoying culinary is a must when visiting Indonesia, and it's incomplete if you haven't tasted street food, because sometimes authentic food from an area doesn't come from expensive restaurants, but is served on sidewalks or traditional markets. With Java Private Tour, all you need to prepare is a Big Happy Belly, and your Food Wish List, and the Courage to Eat something you have never seen in your country.

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During the trip, we were able to introduce various traditional Javanese and Balinese culinary delights (Java Private Tour Culinary Experience), which of course suits your appetite, and of course the hygiene and health factors are the main factors when we refer them to you. If you prefer American, European, Indian, Asian cuisine, or one that suits your country of origin, we will also reference it, the point is we are very flexible.


Private and Personalized.
No strangers, just you. Fully customize your trip to your needs.

With a Local Expert.
From historical facts to the most up to date health regulations.

Without The Crowds.
Experiences designed to take you away from the crowds towards authentic local spots.


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