Travel Treats: Why Nopia is Banyumas’ Must-Try Sweet

Travel Treats Why Nopia is Banyumas’ Must-Try Sweet – If you’re planning a trip to the charming town of Banyumas in Java, Indonesia, you’re in for a treat. Among the many delightful souvenirs you can take home, there’s one that stands out for its unique taste and cultural significance – Kue Nopia.

A Sweet Introduction to Nopia

Nopia, a delectable pastry similar to Yogyakarta’s famous Bakpia, is a sweet treat that has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Made primarily from wheat flour, Nopia’s distinctive egg-like shape has earned it the endearing nickname “telur gajah” or “elephant egg.”

Dating back to the late 19th century, Nopia was introduced by the Chinese community in Banyumas. Originally, these pastries featured a savory shallot filling. However, as tastes evolved, so did Nopia’s flavors, now including chocolate, durian, and more.

The Fascinating Process of Making Nopia

The creation of Nopia is a captivating blend of Chinese and Javanese culinary traditions. It starts with a mixture of wheat flour and Kawa sugar, which is then baked in a specially designed clay oven fueled by coconut leaf wood.

This unique baking process involves placing the dough inside a clay pot, which is then inverted and heated. The pot, resembling a bowl with a hole at the top, is buried in the ground and surrounded by bamboo woven mats. This method ensures the dough sticks to the inner walls of the pot and bakes evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked Nopia in about 15 minutes.

What’s even more impressive is Nopia’s longevity – these pastries can stay fresh for 3-4 months without any preservatives, making them perfect for long journeys.

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A Sweet Introduction to Nopia

Explore the Nopia Village

To fully appreciate the art of Nopia making, a visit to the Nopia villages of Sudagaran, Pakunden, and Kalisube in old Banyumas is a must. These villages have become hubs for Nopia artisans, passing down their skills from generation to generation.

Visitors can not only buy freshly made Nopia but also participate in the baking process. These villages, established in July 2018, have become popular spots for tourists who want to learn about this traditional craft. You can also snap some Instagram-worthy photos with the vibrant murals and 3D paintings that adorn the village.

Although Nopia can be found throughout Banyumas, there’s something special about purchasing it directly from its place of origin. A pack of Nopia typically costs around IDR 24,000 for 10 pieces or IDR 50,000 for a larger quantity.

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