Art Jakarta 2023, A Gathering of Art Communities and Contemporary Masterpieces

art jakarta – For art enthusiasts and travelers seeking cultural immersion, Art Jakarta 2023 is a must-visit event. Scheduled to take place from November 17th to 19th, 2023, at the renowned JIEXPO Kemayoran in the heart of Jakarta, this international contemporary art week promises an incredible artistic journey. And if you’re a traveler with a passion for art, experiencing Art Jakarta 2023 with Java Private Tour is the ultimate way to make the most of this event. With expert English-speaking guides who are friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible, Java Private Tour ensures that your art exploration is both seamless and enriched.

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Art Jakarta’s New Venue

Art Jakarta 2023 will be held in the newly established venue, a fusion of Hall B3 and C3, covering an impressive 10,000 square meters. This larger space allows for a more extensive showcase, featuring a total of 68 galleries, with 40 hailing from Indonesia and 28 from various international locations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, and Australia.

More Than Art

The increased venue size has opened doors to more collaborations. Art Jakarta has teamed up with three Principal Partners for Art Jakarta 2023: Julius Baer, a prominent wealth management institution with a long tradition as art patrons; UOB Indonesia, a regional banking institution dedicated to supporting the arts in Southeast Asia; and Bibit, an award-winning digital investment app, committed to improving financial literacy across Indonesia.

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An Exciting Concept

Tom Tandio, Fair Director of Art Jakarta, believes that the new venue will bring about more collaborations and exceed visitor expectations. This year, collectors from abroad will also attend in greater numbers, thanks to the event’s timing during the fourth quarter, which is more favorable than the previous summer schedule.

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Three Collaborative Elements

Art Jakarta’s collaboration with its partners is structured into three key elements for 2023.

Awards: Partners will present award-winning works. Julius Baer will feature the latest works by the winners of the Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize in Asia 2023 at the Julius Baer VIP Lounge. UOB will showcase the winners of the UOB Painting of the Year from Indonesia to Southeast Asia. Treasury, a digital physical gold trading app, will display the winning artwork of the Treasury Art Prize 2023 titled “Is This Artwork in the Room with Us Right Now?” by Eldwin Pradipta. SUPERLIVE will highlight the creations of three winners of the SUPERMUSIC-SUPERSTAR competition in a multimedia installation titled “Reconstruction The Deconstruction.”

Presentations: Special presentations by partners include Syagini Ratna Wulan’s “Glass House” by Bibit, iForte’s NOC/Turne by Jeffi Manzani, TACO’s Special Edition of Thomson Series, Blue Label’s “IN/TOUNGE/IBLE” by Rebellionik, and MINI’s “The Mini Musa.”

AJX: Collaborative initiatives between Art Jakarta and private institutions or companies to display collections in the public eye. This year, AJX presents the ASEAN-KOREA Partnership Project for Innovative Culture, featuring works from ASEAN-KOREA artists. There’s also the Vice Versa exhibition, featuring portraits of Indonesian artists by Indra Leonardi, and the artists’ responses to these portraits in a creative and collaborative spirit.

Diverse Programs at Art Jakarta 2023

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In addition to the special presentations with partners, Art Jakarta 2023 brings an array of popular annual programs. The gallery includes 40 Indonesian galleries and 28 international galleries, including first-time exhibitors.

Art Jakarta supports initiatives like SPOT, PLAY by UOB Indonesia, and Scene, which provide platforms for artist collectives and non-profits to fundraise creatively.

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AJ TALK offers a space for experts, observers, artists, collectors, and curators to converse and share their experiences and knowledge with visitors.

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If you’re intrigued by this artistic extravaganza, don’t forget to purchase your tickets on starting from November 1, 2023. And for the ultimate Art Jakarta 2023 experience, trust Java Private Tour to enhance your journey with their English-speaking, knowledgeable, and accommodating guides, you can simply BOOK HERE to enhance your journey.


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