Discover the Beauty of Javanese Art: 5 Renowned Painters from Central Java

Discover the Beauty of Javanese Art 5 Renowned Painters from Central Java – If you’ve ever wondered how to truly connect with the soul of Java, one fantastic way is through its vibrant art scene. Central Java, a province rich in culture and history, boasts some of Indonesia’s most famous painters. These artists have not only made their mark locally but have also gained international recognition for their unique styles and contributions to the art world. So, whether you’re here for a leisurely vacation, a business trip, or even to create content for your YouTube channel, diving into the world of Javanese art is a must!

Let’s take a journey through the lives and works of five exceptional painters from Central Java.

1. Abdullah Suriosubroto

Abdullah Suriosubroto

Abdullah Suriosubroto, born in Semarang in 1878, was the adopted son of Indonesian hero Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo. He inherited his artistic talent from his father and became Indonesia’s first painter in the 20th century. Initially studying in Jakarta, Abdullah shifted his focus to painting, embracing the “mooi indie” style, which depicts beautiful Indonesian landscapes. His works, inspired by the serene sceneries of Bandung, are a testament to his love for nature.

2. Basuki Abdullah

Basuki Abdullah

Basuki Abdullah, born on January 27, 1915, in Surakarta, is renowned for his realist and naturalist paintings. He inherited his artistic prowess from his father, Abdullah Suriosubroto. During the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, Basuki taught painting to students and mastered Japanese culture. His famous painting of a woman weaving with long black hair is a classic example of his talent. After winning a painting contest in Europe, he traveled extensively and eventually became the official painter for the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta in 1974.

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3. Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman

Raden Saleh, an Arab-Javanese painter, was a pioneer of modern Indonesian art. His paintings are a blend of Romanticism, popular in Europe at the time, and his Javanese heritage. Born into nobility, Raden Saleh was sent to study under the guidance of a Belgian painter, A.A.J. Payen, who recognized his talent. He spent 20 years in Europe, where he studied and honed his craft. Raden Saleh’s works often depict the grandeur and brutality of nature, reflecting both his religious aspirations and his critique of human nature.

4. Srihadi Soedarsono

Srihadi Soedarsono

Srihadi Soedarsono is not only a renowned painter but also a respected professor at the Bandung Institute of Technology and the Jakarta Institute of the Arts. His work evolved from geometric synthesis to abstract experimentation in the 1960s, using paper collage and spontaneous color. By the 1970s, Srihadi’s paintings leaned towards impressionism with watercolors and expressionism with oil paints, often incorporating symbolic elements.

5. Dullah


Dullah, hailing from Solo, is known for his realist paintings. Serving as a palace painter for a decade from the 1950s, he was tasked with restoring and maintaining the presidential art collection. His meticulous work involved repairing damaged paintings and curating a book on President Soekarno’s collection, solidifying his place in Indonesian art history.

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