Discover the charm of Javanese and European fusion at Omah Kalang Coffee & Space

Discover the charm of Javanese and European fusion at Omah Kalang Coffee & Space – In the midst of Jogja’s bustling coffee shop scene, where industrial and modern vibes dominate, Omah Kalang Coffee and Space boldly stands out. With its unique blend of Javanese and European architecture, it transports visitors back to colonial times. Legend has it that the term “kalang” refers to migrant settlers who drove the economy during their era.

One of Omah Kalang’s management team, Novi Eka Putri, shares that their coffee shop embraces antique architecture, attracting young locals interested in delving into the past. “We create an atmosphere favored by young people eager to learn more about history,” she explained during our conversation.

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Aside from the ambiance, Omah Kalang offers a menu that resonates with the younger crowd, featuring dishes like Nasi Campur Kalang, Nasi Goreng Ungu, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Mushroom Cream Soup, and Kalang Pizza. And let’s not forget about the drinks—Vietnam Drip Coffee, Citrus Butterfly Pea, Cafe Latte, and Chocolate are among the favorites.

“We harmonize the food and drinks with the palates of today’s millennials,” she added.

Among the menu offerings, some have become best-sellers, particularly the various pasta dishes and Nasi Campur Kalang. The uniquely shaped purple rice, resembling a tumpeng, accompanied by an array of side dishes like spicy shredded chicken, beef floss, and crispy coconut flakes, not only looks appealing but also tantalizes the taste buds. Coffee, with its myriad of options, is often ordered for a delightful chat session with friends.

Nasi Campur Kalang
Nasi Campur Kalang

On sunny days, guests can head to the rooftop to enjoy a distant view of Mount Merapi. There’s also a historical route in Kotagede along the Gajah Wong River for those interested in exploring. And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank to indulge in these experiences. “For just 20 thousand rupiahs, you can enjoy coffee with an awe-inspiring view,” Novi mentioned.

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Yogyakarta is a treasure trove of culture, and one such gem is Omah Kalang. Situated at Jalan Tegal Gendu No. 28, Prenggan, Kotagede, it offers an ethnic-modern ambiance across two floors, complete with a rooftop perfect for unwinding while taking in the beauty of Kotagede.

The main building, dating back to the 1800s and renovated in the early 2000s, exudes a majestic heritage vibe with Javanese touches at every turn. The spacious outdoor area at the front entrance, adorned with classic Javanese white benches and shades, adds to the charm. Intricate wood carvings on the main door further enhance the architectural concept.

Inside, the fusion of classic Javanese architecture with modern minimalist interior decor creates an inviting atmosphere. The bar area, featuring an industrial vibe, adds a touch of vintage charm with wooden and metallic elements. Adjacent to the bar, a minimalist room adorned with paintings and neon lettering serves as a picturesque spot for photos.

The ground floor boasts various dining areas, each oozing classic Javanese charm. The layout remains true to its original form, with minimal alterations. “Most renovations were done at the front, while I intentionally incorporated modern minimalist elements for visitor comfort. The room layouts have remained unchanged, with some adjustments to interior decor. Many of the furnishings are from my personal collection or inherited from the previous owners,” shared Ujang Simbara, the owner.

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A highlight of Omah Kalang is its rooftop area, offering an open-concept space where guests can enjoy food and drinks while admiring the sunset over Kotagede. On clear days, the majestic Mount Merapi and Merbabu are visible to the north. The rooftop, adorned with industrial-style pendant lights, exudes a cozy ambiance as evening sets in.

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Operating daily from 09:00 to 23:00, Omah Kalang offers a delectable menu at affordable prices, attracting a diverse crowd. From Kalang Pizza to French Sausage and salads like Caesar Kalang, there’s something for everyone. And for non-coffee enthusiasts, refreshing options like Avocado Juice, Blue Curaçao, and artisan teas await.

Omah Kalang Coffee & Space stands as a testament to Jogja’s rich cultural heritage, offering a delightful blend of the past and present for visitors to savor and enjoy.

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