Djoen Bakery: A Legendary Bakery in Malioboro That Has Survived Since the Colonial Era – Have you ever wondered what it was like to experience Yogyakarta in the colonial era? If so, then a visit to Toko Djoen, a legendary bakery located on Jalan Malioboro, is a must-do. This iconic establishment has been serving up delicious bread and pastries since 1935, and its commitment to traditional methods and recipes has resulted in a truly authentic taste of the past.

A Slice of History

Toko Djoen, located at Jalan Margomulyo No. 78, is not just any bakery; it’s a historical gem. Established in 1935, during the Dutch colonial period, it has seen Yogyakarta transform through the ages while maintaining its traditional charm. The founder, Tan Lian Ngau, took over the business and the building from another Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, Tan Poe Djoen, from Temanggung. Initially, the store sold a variety of goods, including toothpaste and soap, alongside its famous bread.

Inside Toko Djoen Yogyakarta

The Evolution of Toko Djoen

In its early days, Toko Djoen offered a range of bread such as Javanese sugar bread, soft rolls, and Swiss rolls. However, over time, the focus shifted entirely to bread and pastries. By 1959, the bakery had introduced its now-famous banana bread, which quickly became a hit. Other popular items include plain soft rolls, filled breads, cream puffs, croquettes, butter biscuits (bagelen roomboter), onbitjkoek (spiced cake), and more.

During the 1960s, Toko Djoen’s reputation grew beyond Yogyakarta. Their bread was sought after in nearby regions like Wonosari, Klaten, Sleman, and even Muntilan. Despite this growth, the bakery has remained true to its roots, maintaining its traditional methods and recipes.

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Keeping Tradition Alive

Walking into Toko Djoen feels like stepping back in time. The original building and its antique baking equipment remain unchanged. The bakery still uses old iron molds and large Dutch-style ovens, eschewing modern conveniences like electric ovens. This dedication to tradition ensures that the bread retains its unique texture and flavor, although it means the bread has a shorter shelf life—only lasting a day.

The recipes themselves have been meticulously preserved. Toko Djoen avoids modern food additives such as preservatives, leavening agents, and artificial colors, ensuring that every loaf and pastry is as fresh and natural as possible. One of the standout items is the ontbijtkoek, a small rectangular spiced cake popular during the Dutch colonial era. Made with cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, this cake is a nostalgic bite of history that has remained unchanged for decades.

Inside Toko Djoen Malioboro Yogyakarta

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