Exploring Stone Garden Citatah: Unveiling Bandung’s Submerged History

Exploring Stone Garden Citatah Unveiling Bandung's Submerged History

javaprivatetour.com – Bandung, West Java, is adorned with diverse natural wonders, and one of its gems is the Stone Garden Citatah. Unlike other tourist destinations, Stone Garden Citatah offers natural rock formations as its main attraction.

Nestled in the Gunung Masigit, Citatah, Cipatat District, Bandung Barat Regency, West Java, Stone Garden Citatah stands as a natural heritage site adorned with limestone rocks scattered across the hills.

According to reports from Detik, Stone Garden Citatah was first discovered by a group of geological researchers from ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) known as the Bandung Basin Research (KRCB) in 2000. Their findings unveiled an intriguing past, suggesting that Bandung was once submerged underwater.

“Stone Garden Citatah was a prehistoric seabed that emerged due to land shifts and ancient volcanic eruptions,” wrote Djoko Subinarto in his work titled Stone Garden Citatah: A Stone Park on the Ancient Seabed.

Stone Garden Citatah Bandung

Formed millions of years ago

Stone Garden, located in the Karst Citatah area, was formed during the Miocene era, approximately 20-30 million years ago. During that time, this highland was a shallow sea region that eventually dried up.

One of the remarkable features proving Stone Garden Citatah’s ancient seabed origins is the presence of sharp, hollowed-out rocks resembling coral reefs.

Initially reserved for research purposes, Stone Garden Citatah was opened to the public as a tourist destination in 2014, managed by the local community.

Beyond its tourist appeal, Stone Garden Citatah serves as a cultural heritage site that requires preservation, making it an intriguing destination for visitors.

Experience Wall Climbing at Stone Garden Citatah
Experience Wall Climbing at Stone Garden Citatah

Diverse attractions

Stone Garden Citatah has become a favorite destination among Bandung residents, located just about 5 km from Padalarang. Its natural allure captivates tourists from far and wide.

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Spanning across 2 hectares, this tourist spot offers breathtaking natural scenery, with limestone rocks standing tall amidst wild vegetation covering the area. This creates a striking contrast.

The unique rock formations at Stone Garden provide a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts. It’s an ideal location for photography, including pre-wedding photoshoots.

Don’t miss the stunning sunset views after a day of photography. The ticket prices are quite affordable, with domestic entrance fees at Rp5,000 per person and Rp27,000 per person for international visitors.

Stone Garden Citatah serves as a cultural heritage site that requires preservation, making it an intriguing destination for visitors

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Taking Photos on Hammock at Stone Garden Citatah
Taking Photos on Hammock at Stone Garden Citatah

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