Keroncong Serenade, Guiding You Through Java’s Musical Heritage

Keroncong Serenade, Guiding You Through Java's Musical Heritage – Once upon a time, in the mesmerizing islands of Java, a musical journey unfolded, connecting cultures, and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of people worldwide. This is the tale of Keroncong, a music genre that transcends borders and has found its way into the souls of music lovers around the globe.

Javanese Keroncong Music

The Global Phenomenon of Keroncong

In the enchanting realm of music, Keroncong emerged in the 1880s, influenced by the Hawaiian melodies accompanied by the sweet sounds of the ukulele. Little did the world know that this genre would become a global sensation, captivating audiences far and wide.

Esther Helen Bengawan Solo

At the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival 2019 in China, the echoes of “Bengawan Solo” performed by Indonesian student Esther Helen resonated through the hearts of hundreds. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the Freer & Sackler Smithsonian gallery came alive with the melodies of Keroncong Moritsko, Jali-jali, and others, performed by the Rumput Band from the University of Richmond, Virginia.

Surprisingly, all members of Rumput Band were U.S. citizens, showcasing the universal appeal of Keroncong. Their renditions of Jali-jali and Walang Kekek on YouTube garnered over 1.1 million views, emphasizing the global enthusiasm for Keroncong.

Didi Kempot

Back in Indonesia, the genre gained popularity among the youth during Didi Kempot’s concerts in 2019, earning him the title “The Godfather of Broken Heart.” His melancholic tunes, blending Keroncong-dangdut and Keroncong-campursari, resonated with the “Sad Boys” and “Sad Girls,” as they passionately sang along to hits like Pamer Bojo and Stasiun Balapan.

The Origins of Keroncong

The roots of Keroncong trace back to the early 16th century when Portuguese expeditions led by Afonso de Albuquerque introduced Fado, a Portuguese folk song with Arab influences, to Malacca and the Maluku Islands. It wasn’t until 1661, when the VOC released Portuguese captives and slaves from Goa in Jakarta’s Tugu Village, that Keroncong began assimilating into local culture.

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The distinctive sound of Keroncong, derived from instruments like the frounga guitar, monica guitar, jitera guitar, and the ukulele, led to its name. The term “Keroncong” echoed the onomatopoeic rhythm produced by these instruments, and thus, the musical genre was born.

java's keroncong music

The Evolution of Keroncong

As Keroncong evolved, so did its instruments and players. From its early days in Jakarta with musicians like Atingan and J. Dumas, to its migration to Solo, where artists like Kusbini and Gesang took the stage, Keroncong underwent rhythmic transformations. The golden era of Keroncong (1920-1960) in Solo introduced a slower and more relaxed tempo.

In the modern era (1960-2000), Keroncong transcended its traditional boundaries, adopting influences from pop music. Various sub-genres like Langgam Jawa, Keroncong Beat, Campursari, Keroncong Koes-Ploes, and Keroncong Dangdut emerged, showcasing the genre’s adaptability.

In the millennium era (2000-present), Keroncong Protol, blending rap and Congrock, fusing rock with Keroncong, gained popularity. The enchanting tunes of Keroncong echoed through radios, televisions, social media, and internet platforms, even reaching the international stage with artists like Didi Kempot.

A Magical Encounter: Keroncong Meets the World

Rumput Band

In the heart of Solo, Hannah Standiford, an American enthusiast, fell in love with the exotic melodies of Keroncong. Hannah, a Darmasiswa scholarship recipient at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) in Solo, immersed herself in the rich world of Keroncong.

Hannah’s musical journey unfolded in the quaint streets of Solo, where she learned the art of Keroncong from street musicians at the ‘Sumber Bestik’ eatery. She embraced the unique experience of singing Javanese tunes, capturing the attention of locals and tourists alike.

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Driven by her passion, Hannah, along with fellow musicians, formed the Rumput Band in the United States. The band, led by Professor Andy McGraw, explored the enchanting world of Keroncong through videos sent by Hannah from Solo.

The Joyful Symphony of Keroncong

Rumput Band embarked on a musical journey, gracing venues like the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., Wake Forest, Smithsonian Museum, and Richmond University. Their performances blended the traditional tunes of Keroncong with the cultural richness of Indonesia, leaving audiences in awe.

Hannah’s love for Keroncong extended beyond the stage. Returning to Solo in 2017, she conducted research on Keroncong for her graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Balancing her roles as a musician and researcher, Hannah delved into the intricate details of Keroncong, adding a new chapter to its story.

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