Saritem Bandung: Delving into the Secrets of a Colonial-Era Red-Light District

Saritem Bandung- Delving into the Secrets of a Colonial-Era Red-Light District – Hey there, fellow travelers! Today, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and delve into one of Bandung’s most intriguing locales: Saritem. Now, before we dive in, let’s set the scene and unravel the history behind this fascinating spot.

The Tale of Saritem Bandung

Nestled between the bustling streets near the railway station, Saritem has long been shrouded in mystery and allure. Its origins trace back to the early days of Bandung’s history, circa 1838. Picture this: a vibrant city in its infancy, teeming with tales of yore.

Legend has it that Saritem derived its name from a local maiden named Sari Iteung. Back in the day, before its closure, Saritem was synonymous with its red-light district reputation. But there’s more to Saritem than meets the eye—it’s entwined with the fabric of Indonesia’s colonial past.

The Enigmatic Nyai Saritem

Nyai Saritem, Provider of Women for the Dutch Until Evolving into a Famous Vice Business
Nyai Saritem, Provider of Women for the Dutch Until Evolving into a Famous Vice Business

Let’s zoom in on the enigmatic figure of Nyai Saritem. In those bygone days, “Nyai” was the term used to address indigenous women. Nyai Saritem, with her bewitching beauty and ebony complexion, captured the attention of Dutch officials. She transitioned from a village girl selling herbal concoctions to a concubine of a Dutch official, earning her the title “Nyonya Belanda” or the Dutch Lady.

A Haven for Hedonism

With a sprawling mansion at her disposal, Nyai Saritem was tasked with recruiting companions for the Dutch soldiers stationed in Gardujati. Thus, the local red-light district flourished. Women from various regions, not just Bandung but also from Cianjur, Sumedang, Garut, and Indramayu, were gathered under Nyai Saritem’s roof, clad in traditional kebaya attire.

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The Legacy Lives On

As time marched on, Saritem persisted, even after Indonesia’s independence in 1945. However, after numerous attempts by the Bandung government, Saritem met its demise on April 17, 2007. Though the red-light district is no more, its memory continues to linger, etched in the annals of Bandung’s history.

Saritem Bandung

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it—the tale of Saritem, a snapshot of Bandung’s colorful past. While its history may be contentious, it’s imperative to acknowledge and respect the transformations that have shaped this iconic locale.

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