Sumur Jobong: A Hidden Gem of Majapahit Heritage in Surabaya

Sumur Jobong- A Hidden Gem of Majapahit Heritage in Surabaya – Hey there, fellow wanderers and adventure seekers! If you’re planning a trip to the vibrant island of Java, Indonesia, you’re in for a treat. In the heart of Surabaya, we stumbled upon a hidden gem that takes you on a journey back in time to the Majapahit era. Welcome to the intriguing world of Sumur Jobong in the quaint village of Peneleh!

Discovering the Majapahit Legacy

Tucked away on Jalan Pandean Gang I, Sumur Jobong is a testament to the rich history of Majapahit that still echoes in the bustling capital of Surabaya. The accidental discovery of this archaeological wonder occurred during routine canal construction in the area. Imagine the surprise when a worker’s tool struck a solid object, revealing a 1-square-meter thick brick.

Upon uncovering the brick, a not-so-deep but peculiar well emerged, featuring terracotta edges reminiscent of ancient wells found in Trowulan, Mojokerto. The mystery of Sumur Jobong had begun!

Current State of Sumur Jobong

Jobong Well Surabaya, Majapahit Heritage

Fast forward to today, Sumur Jobong has rightfully earned its place as a Cultural Heritage site, turning Kampung Peneleh into the sole location of Majapahit’s remnants in Surabaya. This historical treasure remains at its original location, housed in a small underground chamber specially designed by the Surabaya City Government.

Visitors can now gaze into the depths of Sumur Jobong by opening two covers on the right and left sides, descending a staircase inside the well. As you explore, you might come across fragments of bones displayed in a glass container. These bone fragments belong to animals like cows, buffaloes, and birds, alongside human bones estimated to date back to 1430-1640.

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A Glimpse into Majapahit Rituals

Beyond daily use, it’s believed that this ancient well served as a site for religious rituals during the Majapahit Kingdom. The discovery of these bone fragments is a compelling indication of the well’s dual purpose. Sumur Jobong stands as a crucial piece of evidence showcasing the influence of the Majapahit Kingdom in Surabaya.

Even today, the East Java Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency diligently monitors and undertakes repairs to ensure Sumur Jobong stands the test of time, passing its significance down to future generations.

A Tourist Magnet for Surabaya

For all you curious souls out there, Sumur Jobong has become a must-visit destination in Surabaya. Visitors, both local and international, can witness this historical marvel and immerse themselves in the intriguing tales of the Majapahit Kingdom. It’s not just about history; it’s an experience that enriches your understanding of Surabaya’s cultural tapestry.

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