Bajigur: The Warming Beverage of the Sundanese People

Bajigur- The Warming Beverage of the Sundanese People – In the midst of the exotic beverage storm from around the world, there’s one drink that stands firm, unparalleled in its uniqueness, and unrivaled in its deliciousness—Bajigur. As a cultural heritage of Indonesia, Bajigur has become the iconic taste of the City of Flowers that refuses to be swayed. While foreign beverages strive to captivate culinary enthusiasts with modern innovations, Bajigur maintains its allure in an authentic way.

Sundanese Farmers’ Gift to the Archipelago

Scientific records may not have documented the creation of Bajigur, but it’s widely believed to be the creation of Sundanese communities in West Java. Allegedly, Bajigur was concocted by farmers accustomed to sipping warm palm sugar infusion in the morning before heading to the fields.

This warm sugar water had a calming effect and provided additional energy for their hard work. Over time, various ingredients were added to this sugary concoction, including ginger and coconut milk, turning it into a warm favorite, especially in the cool regions of West Java. Enjoying a cup of warm Bajigur could boost spirits and provide a comforting warmth to the farmers’ bodies.

Popularized by the Bandung Community

The name “Bajigur” is believed to come from the Sundanese word “badjegur,” meaning warm. Known for its warm and delightful taste, Bajigur is perfect for sipping during cool weather or after a tiring day of activities.

As time passed, Bajigur evolved with variations in recipes and presentation. Some Bajigur variants include ingredients like coconut milk, mung beans, or black glutinous rice, adding complexity to its flavor and texture. Additionally, for an appealing visual touch, some vendors garnish Bajigur with cinnamon powder or shredded coconut.

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Despite the dominance of popular foreign drinks in the market, Bajigur maintains its popularity in Indonesia. It has become a symbol of invaluable local cultural pride, not just for locals but also attracting tourists seeking the uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine.

Bajigur The Warming Beverage From Bandung

Bajigur’s Rich History and Enduring Popularity

With its long history and enduring popularity, Bajigur stands as a guardian of precious traditions. It reminds us of the richness of Indonesia’s cultural heritage and the irreplaceable deliciousness of traditional beverages.

The Benefits of Bajigur with Ginger

Though known as a beverage with a simple recipe, Bajigur holds numerous health benefits. The addition of ginger to Bajigur goes beyond providing warmth or a hint of spiciness.

According to I Wayan Redi in the article “Benefits of Ginger for Health” published in the Widya Kesehatan Journal in 2019, the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can soothe inflammation caused by allergies. Apart from its delicious taste, Bajigur with ginger has many benefits, especially due to its natural antibiotic content, which can address stomach-related issues like nausea.

Bajigur is often served warm, accompanied by traditional snacks such as peanuts, cassava, bananas, sweet potatoes, and boiled taro. Some people also enjoy pairing Bajigur with sweet traditional snacks like timus and wheel-shaped cakes.

In rural areas, Bajigur sellers with their carts are a common sight. These sellers always bring a stove to ensure that the Bajigur they offer remains warm. Allowing Bajigur to cool down would cause the separation of coconut milk and ginger-infused water, diminishing its flavor.

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