Discover Jakarta’s Largest Street Food Spots: An Epic Culinary Adventure! – Exploring the bustling life of Jakarta never gets old. Now it’s time to dive into the world of the largest street food scenes in Jakarta. Surprisingly, this culinary diversity thrives behind towering buildings and the city’s super busy activities. The variety of food sold has become a favorite for many.

Street Food in Jakarta

Street food spots in Jakarta pop up in various corners, becoming part of the culinary diversity that makes the city unique. Their presence also makes the economy more dynamic. Street food vendors, mostly small and medium enterprises, provide employment opportunities for locals. They also purchase raw materials from local markets, which supports the regional economy.

On the other hand, both day and night street food hubs in Jakarta are places for social activities. People can gather, interact, and share dining experiences. This aspect also attracts tourists who want to experience authentic and affordable local cuisine. This creates a different sensation each time. Thus, street food directly boosts tourism visits and the city’s tourism sector income.

The Largest Street Food Spots in Jakarta

Jakarta’s busy city life creates a need for cheap fast food. Street food, which is flexible and easy to get, meets the needs of people on the move or busy. Conversely, when their busyness subsides, the sensation of enjoying food on the roadside provides a break. A moment to socialize while savoring unique and addictive flavors.

Eating street food in Jakarta is indeed fun. The bustling atmosphere, the fragrant aroma of food, and sometimes accompanied by music, can make the mood even more enjoyable. Especially while watching the cooking process directly and chatting with the vendors or other buyers. It feels like being part of a vibrant and spirited city life.

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Bubur Ayam Barito

Bubur Ayam Barito Pak Agus

Bubur Ayam Barito
Bubur Ayam Barito

Looking for street food in South Jakarta? Make sure to visit this spot! Located at Jalan Gandaria Tengah III No. 3, RT 1/RW 4, Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Established since 1992, Bubur Ayam Barito’s roadside stall is always crowded with visitors. Nearly 1,000 portions are sold out every day.

The taste is indeed superb. The porridge’s dense texture is topped with numerous toppings that cover the surface. There are diced chicken, cakwe, celery leaves, preserved vegetables, fried onions, and crunchy cheese sticks. No need to debate whether to mix it or not, both prove the deliciousness of Bubur Ayam Barito. Especially if you add a half-cooked free-range egg topping, it becomes even creamier! Satisfaction guaranteed!

This place also offers a solution for night street food lovers in Jakarta. Unlike others, this porridge place opens from 3:30 PM to midnight every day. Prices range from IDR 25,000 to IDR 40,000.

Gultik Blok M

Gulai Tikungan Blok M

Gultik Blok M

Moving a bit, it’s time to enjoy the iconic street food of Blok M. Especially if it’s not Gulai Tikungan or gultik. Perfect for a relaxing evening. Although Blok M is a super busy area even at night, eating gultik can bring happiness.

The thin soup is refreshing, and the beef chunks taste delicious with the unique spices. Gultik Blok M is indeed recommended for Jakarta’s legendary culinary lovers. Established since the 1980s, there are now more than 30 vendors lined up. Interestingly, almost all sellers use shoulder poles and simple plastic chairs. However, this won’t deter you, as the enticing aroma seems to beg you to taste it immediately. Just choose any vendor, you can order gultik in your desired portion. If you want a small portion, it costs IDR 10,000. For more, pay IDR 20,000. There are also additional side dishes like intestine satay, liver gizzard, or quail eggs.

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Siomay Pak Aceng Cipinang

Siomay Super Pak Aceng

Siomay Super Pak Aceng Cipinang

TasteAtlas recently released the 100 Best Street Foods in the World in mid-April 2024. Impressively, the first place is occupied by a street snack from Indonesia. Siomay, one of Indonesia’s typical dishes consisting of steamed fish dumplings in a cone shape. Served with potatoes, cabbage, tofu, and bitter melon. Then drizzled with spicy peanut sauce and a splash of sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, and a bit of lime juice. Due to its popularity, many sell siomay, both in expensive restaurants and roadside carts. One that you should visit to try the TasteAtlas’s 2024 Best Dumpling in the World is Siomay Pak Aceng. Located at Jalan Cipinang Jaya Raya AA7, Jatinegara, East Jakarta. Established since the 1980s, it proves the unbeatable taste quality. Using fresh fish, it’s no wonder it’s always crowded with buyers every day.

Various large street food spots in Jakarta can be easily enjoyed. This culinary diversity thrives behind high-rise buildings and the city’s super busy life.

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