Discovering Situ Cangkuang: A Hidden Paradise Beckons in West Java!

Situ Cangkuang – Welcome to the unexplored paradise of Desa Wisata Situ Cangkuang, a recently inaugurated gem nestled in the heart of Garut, West Java. Only officially recognized by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia on June 29, 2021, this charming village offers a plethora of attractions that are bound to leave every traveler enchanted. Join us on a virtual tour, curated with love by Java Private Tour, your premier guide to the wonders of Java.

1. Glide Through Nature’s Splendor on Situ Cangkuang’s Bamboo Rafts

Glide Through Nature's Splendor on Situ Cangkuang's Bamboo Rafts

Upon arriving at this picturesque village, your first must-visit attraction is the serene Situ Cangkuang. Java Private Tour recommends a tranquil bamboo raft ride across the 15-hectare artificial lake. With calm waters and lush green hills surrounding you, this experience promises tranquility and joy. Don’t worry about waiting – the large bamboo rafts can accommodate up to 40 people at once. Capture the moment with breathtaking photos as you navigate the waters.

2. Uncover the Mysteries of Candi Cangkuang

Uncover the Mysteries of Candi Cangkuang

Desa Wisata Situ Cangkuang stands in close proximity to Candi Cangkuang, an 8th-century Hindu temple discovered in 1966. Spanning 4.5 x 4 meters and towering at 8.5 meters, this ancient relic served as a place of worship and repose. Now open to visitors, Candi Cangkuang invites you to explore its rich history. It’s like stepping into a time machine, where every stone tells a tale.

3. Stroll Through the Village with the Majestic Mount Guntur as Your Backdrop

Stroll Through the Village with the Majestic Mount Guntur as Your Backdrop

No visit to a village is complete without a leisurely stroll within and around it. As you explore Desa Wisata Situ Cangkuang, revel in the lush greenery with Mount Guntur providing a breathtaking backdrop. It’s a surefire way to rejuvenate, leaving fatigue behind.

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4. Capture Relaxing Moments by the Shores of Situ Cangkuang

Capture Relaxing Moments by the Shores of Situ Cangkuang

Situ Cangkuang, separating the village from Candi Cangkuang, possesses a unique charm that should not be overlooked. Take a break and capture relaxing moments by the shores – whether it’s a photo session or recording vlogs and Instagram stories. With bamboo raft docks and small park benches along the lake, you’ll have plenty of photo-worthy spots. Besides personal documentation, your posts can inspire others.

5. Dive into History and Culture at Kampung Pulo

Dive into History and Culture at Kampung Pulo

In Desa Wisata Situ Cangkuang, you’ll find Kampung Pulo, a small village just before the entrance to Candi Cangkuang. Away from the noise of motor vehicles, Kampung Pulo holds historical and unique significance. Inhabited by descendants of Eyang Embah Dalem Arif Muhammad, who played a pivotal role in spreading Islam in the village, this village dates back to the 17th century.

While visiting, take a moment to engage with the locals and learn about their rich history. With only six houses and one mosque, the village’s architectural constraints, symbolizing the legacy of Eyang Embah Dalem Arif Muhammad, make it a truly unique experience. Java Private Tour recommends immersing yourself in the captivating stories and history of Kampung Pulo.

Desa Wisata Situ Cangkuang might be a recent addition to the tourism map, but its natural beauty and cultural richness rival even the most established destinations. When you choose Java Private Tour, you not only embark on a journey through time and tradition but also ensure a seamless and personalized experience guided by certified professionals. Our English-speaking, friendly, and knowledgeable guides, coupled with a flexible schedule tailored to your preferences, set us apart. With a fleet of private vehicles ranging from sedans to tourism buses, we promise a journey that goes beyond exploration – it’s an unforgettable adventure. Choose Java Private Tour for a travel experience like no other. BOOK HERE to embark on your Java adventure today!


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