Paradise Found in the Best Tourism Village Ketapanrame, Trawas Mojokerto, from Waterfalls to Mountain Panoramas

Paradise Found in the Best Tourism Village Ketapanrame, from Waterfalls to Mountain Panoramas – Nestled on the slopes of Mount Welirang, Ketapanrame Village in Trawas District, Mojokerto Regency, East Java, Indonesia, has been crowned the Best Tourism Village 2023 in the Anugerah Desa Wisata Indonesia (ADWI) event held by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). Ketapanrame Village beat out 75 other villages that were included in the 2023 Anugerah Desa Wisata Indonesia nomination list.

This title is considered well-deserved as Ketapanrame Village has a variety of captivating tourist destinations. Located at an altitude of 700-1200 meters above sea level, this village offers natural, creative, cultural, and educational tourism. At least three of the most popular tourist attractions are the Dlundung Waterfall, the Ghanjaran Park, and the Sumber Gempong Rice Field Tourism. Here are the details of these fascinating attractions.

1. Dlundung Waterfall

Dlundung Waterfall

The Dlundung Waterfall is a complete package that is worth visiting. Here, visitors can enjoy the cool sensation of water cascading from tens of meters high amidst lush trees. Access to this tourist spot is very easy as the road is very smooth and easy to pass.

The Dlundung Waterfall has a height of about 60 meters. Here, you can play in the water and enjoy the sensation of rain from the falling water droplets. This tourist attraction, which can be visited with a ticket for Rp 15,000, is open every day. The available facilities include food stalls, a prayer room, ample parking, toilets, and a camping area.

Yes, at the Dlundung Waterfall tourist spot, you can experience a camping ground. There, land is available for setting up tents that have been provided. For only Rp 10,000, you can camp in a waterfall-themed nature with your partner or family.

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2. Ghanjaran Park

Ghanjaran Park

In addition to enjoying the Dlundung Waterfall, you can also visit many other tourist attractions in Ketapanrame Village, such as the Ghanjaran Park. This tourist attraction offers various rides with views of Mount Welirang and Penanggungan.

You can try the Ferris wheel, air bike, 9D cinema, bumper cars, tagana rider, Ferris wheel, and many more. Ghanjaran Park is open every day from 08.00 to 22.00. Tired of playing rides, you can enjoy various dishes with champion flavors. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the park which is full of flowers and ornamental plants.

3. Sumber Gempong Rice Field Tourism

Sumber Gempong Rice Field Tourism

The Sumber Gempong Rice Field Tourism is only a few minutes from the Dlundung Waterfall and Ghanjaran Park. Here, you can swim and play in the water in the swimming pool, have fish therapy, or enjoy various amusement rides with the backdrop of rice fields and mountains.

The available rides include ATVs, rice field trains, flying pedicabs, gliders, and horseback riding. You can enjoy all of this at a very cheap price.

For tourists from outside the area, don’t worry, there are many hotels around Ketapanrame Village, Trawas District, that are worthy of being your place to stay. So it is very suitable for you to spend your vacation time with your beloved partner or family.

Not Only These

Not only the three leading destinations above, based on the website, here are a number of objects and tourist destinations offered by Ketapanrame Village.

Natural Tourism

  • Sumber Gempong Rice Field Tourism
  • Dlundung Waterfall Tourism
  • Talang Waterfall Tourism
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Explore the Forest
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Man-made Tourism

  • Ghanjaran Park
  • Rabbit Park

Cultural Tourism

  • Pencak Silat and Bantengan
  • Gamelan
  • Mayang Rontek Dance

Educational Tourism

  • Rice Planting
  • Plowing Rice Fields
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Samiler Making
  • Maggot Cultivation
  • Waste Management
  • Coffee Picking

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