Unique Shopping Experience at Pasar Tasik Cideng in Central Jakarta

Unique Shopping Experience at Pasar Tasik Cideng in Central Jakarta

javaprivatetour.com – Have you ever heard of a market that only operates on Mondays and Thursdays? Well, Pasar Tasik Cideng is one such market that offers a unique shopping experience for those seeking affordable women’s clothing, including kebaya, gamis, and skirts.

What Makes Pasar Tasik Cideng Unique?

Pasar Tasik Cideng stands out from other markets in Jakarta due to its limited operating hours: Mondays and Thursdays from 5 AM to 12 PM. Despite its short schedule, it attracts numerous visitors, especially during the Eid season, due to its incredibly affordable prices. Many shoppers purchase clothing in bulk to resell.

What to Expect at Pasar Tasik Cideng

Beyond its unique schedule, Pasar Tasik Cideng offers:

  • Affordable Prices: The market is known for its incredibly low prices, making it a popular destination for bargain hunters.
  • Variety of Women’s Clothing: Shoppers can find a wide range of women’s clothing, including kebaya, gamis, skirts, and more.
  • Adequate Parking: The market provides ample parking space for visitors.
  • Nearby Food Stalls: Several food stalls are located around the market, offering a convenient option for hungry shoppers or those seeking a break from browsing.

What Makes Pasar Tasik Cideng Unique

How to Get to Pasar Tasik Cideng

Pasar Tasik Cideng is conveniently located in Jalan Cideng Timur, Petojo Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakarta. It’s just a kilometer away from Pasar Tanah Abang and 3 kilometers from Bundaran Hotel Indonesia.

Here’s a brief route from Bundaran Hotel Indonesia:

  1. Head towards Monumen Nasional.
  2. At the first intersection, turn left onto Jalan Wahid Hasyim.
  3. Follow the road until you reach a three-way intersection.
  4. Turn left onto Jalan K.H. Mas Mansyur.
  5. Follow the road until you find a U-turn spot at Jembatan Cideng Barat, across from Bank Mandiri Cideng.
  6. Make a U-turn and follow the road until you find an intersection.
  7. Take the left lane.
  8. The market will be on your left.
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Important Information

  • Entrance Fee: There is no admission fee to enter Pasar Tasik Cideng.
  • Parking Fee: Be prepared to pay a small parking fee.

Planning Your Visit to Pasar Tasik Cideng

Pasar Tasik Cideng is an excellent option for those seeking affordable women’s clothing in a unique and bustling market setting. With its limited operating hours, plan your visit accordingly and remember to carry cash for parking and shopping.

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