Health Protocol in Our Service

Entering the new normal era, the government issued a health protocol to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus.  Tourism organizers and tourists really need to know this protocol in order to maintain joint health.


1. Java Private Tour ensures that all public areas that our clients will visit and transport that will be used cleanly.  We also routinely carry out cleaning using disinfectants at least 4 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) on each vehicle, and the equipment we have.

2. Detection of body temperature for each of our crews, and health monitoring of each of our crews

3. Always promote regular and thorough hand washing, and proper hand washing procedures.  Our crew will always ensure that public areas and transportation have access to hand washing with soap and water or alcohol-based hand washing.  Always place hand sanitizer dispensers in our vehicles, as well as pocket hand sanitizers for our crew and guests.

4. Promoting the ethics of coughing and sneezing in public places, and applying the ethics of coughing and sneezing and procedures for sneezing and coughing in public places, and also providing face masks and wipes given to all our clients.

5. Update information about Covid-19 regularly that our clients can access on our official website (What's Trending), and we provide a medium of communication, information and education about the prevention and control of Covid-19.


Health and safety is one of the most important in our services, our prices are very in line with the international quality that we provide.


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