Rediscovering “Las Vegas” in Batavia, Unveiling the Stories of Pecinan Glodok, Jakarta

glodok old town – Nestled within the labyrinthine streets of Jakarta is a well-kept secret that once played host to the elite echelons of Dutch and Chinese societies. Transport yourself back in time as we navigate the historic Ji Lak Keng, shedding light on the stories of a bygone era that has shaped the now-vibrant Pecinan Glodok. This hidden enclave has transformed into a captivating heritage destination, offering a nuanced glimpse into Jakarta’s rich history.

Delving Deeper into Ji Lak Keng: The Enchanting “Las Vegas” of Batavia

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Situated at the heart of Indonesia’s largest Chinatown, Pecinan Glodok, Ji Lak Keng stands as a testament to the colonial narrative of the Dutch in the archipelago. Comprising 26 two-story buildings, Ji Lak Keng once stood as a beacon for the upper crust of European and Chinese societies. The architectural symphony of Chinese-Dutch influences paints a vivid picture of the past, showcasing the grandeur that earned Ji Lak Keng its moniker as the “Las Vegas” of Batavia.

Navigating through the narrow alleyways, visitors are not merely observers but participants in an immersive journey through history. Ji Lak Keng’s illustrious past extends beyond its dazzling exterior, revealing a darker underbelly that includes historical practices such as prostitution during the colonial period.

Bearing Witness to History: The Ephemeral Pleasures of Ji Lak Keng

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In its prime, Ji Lak Keng boasted 26 identical structures, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of this historical landscape. Today, only one building remains standing – Lay an Tong, a once-prosperous Chinese medicine store that now stands as a silent witness to a deliberately erased history during a change in regime.

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Rediscovering the Legacy of “Las Vegas” in Pecinan Glodok

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Under the shadow of the New Order regime, a chapter of Jakarta’s history was intentionally obscured. However, Pecinan Glodok, once dubbed the “Las Vegas” of Batavia, has emerged from the shadows. Now recognized as a Heritage Village, this area in West Jakarta has undergone a renaissance, showcasing a unique blend of Chinese, Sundanese, Betawi, and Javanese cultures. It has garnered recognition as one of the top 50 finalists in the 2022 Indonesian Village Tourism Awards.

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