Good morning! Java Private Tour will revive your morning spirit, and together we will discover the authentic side in the middle of a bustling Traditional market. Java Private Tour will show you how interesting the islands of Java and Bali are in a flexible time according to your wishes. Java Private Tour will take you to several Fresh Food Markets, Local Shops, Fish Markets, Wholesale Markets and Souvenir Shops. Everything you need to know about being a local will be included in all private tour programs with a Java Private Tour, and this is no ordinary visit, but a Java Private Tour will give you the sensation that you will be doing activities like a local, starting with: Tasting Local Snacks, Local Drinks, to Tasting Tropical Fruits, and you will interact directly with local people, so you will better understand the daily culture of local people, and you will feel the sensation of shopping like a local, and you will explore the Local Market which has many stories about History, Art and Culture. 

In this increasingly modern era we should keep the traditional market in every region because this place really reflects the privilege of Indonesia. Environment, comfortable and friendly social interaction and the price of sold goods can be negotiable that is not available in other shopping areas so it is very interesting to be preserved.

Traditional markets are a reflection of the local eating culture, in this market we get knowledge from traders about various food items sold by these traders for generations, each traditional market looks the same, but if examined further, then there will be many differences according to local culture.

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Private and Personalized. No strangers, just you. Fully customize your trip to your needs.

With a Local Expert. From historical facts to the most up to date health regulations.

Without The Crowds. Experiences designed to take you away from the crowds towards authentic local spots.