Untung Jawa: A Historical Island in Jakarta Bay

Untung Jawa A Historical Island in Jakarta Bay

javaprivatetour.com – If you’re an avid traveler with an itch for exploration and a penchant for uncovering hidden gems, then you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll delve into the rich history of Untung Jawa Island, nestled in the enchanting Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, and share a unique testimony from Waliadim, a local resident with a memory as fascinating as the island itself.

Untung Jawa’s Origins Through the Eyes of Waliadim

Meet Waliadim, affectionately known as Kong Adim by the islanders. His age is a mystery, and his memories, a captivating blend of historical snippets. As we sat down with him, Kong Adim recited the final verses of Surah Al Kafirun, emphasizing the phrase “lakum dīnukum wa liya dīn.” That’s when we learned his name—Waliadim.

Born in Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten, Kong Adim’s early years were spent assisting his family in paddy fields and occasional fruit orchards. His recollection takes a poignant turn when he narrates the day his family home was destroyed by native soldiers serving the colonial Dutch government.

The islanders were issued evacuation orders to move from Pulau Rotterdam to Pulau Amiterdam, but the directive was ignored. Eventually, in 1954, as Pulau Rotterdam faced imminent submersion, the inhabitants migrated en masse to Pulau Amitterdam. Given that most settlers hailed from Java, the island was later renamed Pulau Untung Jawa.

This historical event is commemorated by the “Tugu Perpindahan” (Relocation Monument), situated on the eastern side of the island—a testament to the resilience and history that permeates Untung Jawa’s soil.

The monument commemorates the relocation of residents from Ubi Island to Untung Jawa Island in 1954
The monument commemorates the relocation of residents from Ubi Island to Untung Jawa Island in 1954

Untung Jawa’s Island Hopping and Historical Attractions

Fast forward to the present, and Untung Jawa Island has become a haven for travelers seeking a blend of history and natural beauty. Among its attractions is the enticing island hopping experience, where visitors can explore Pulau Kelor, Pulau Cipir, Pulau Onrust, and Pulau Rambut—all within the administrative region of Pulau Untung Jawa.

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Witnessing Untung Jawa’s Colonial Legacy

During the 17th century, the islands, including Pulau Amiterdam (Untung Jawa), were under the control of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Pulau Kelor, Pulau Cipir, and Pulau Onrust were integral parts of the VOC’s defense strategy against threats from Banten and England.

Today, these islands stand as a testament to the struggles of the past. Pulau Kelor, Pulau Cipir, and Pulau Onrust are part of the Museum Taman Arkeologi Onrust, managed by the Jakarta Maritime Museum. Walking through these islands feels like stepping into a time machine, where remnants of Benteng Martello on Pulau Kelor and the ruins of a hospital on Pulau Cipir tell tales of a bygone era.

Benteng Martello on Pulau Kelor jakarta
Benteng Martello (Martello Fort) on Pulau Kelor

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