Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park
For some photography enthusiasts, Bali is the most visually beautiful place. This tropical island is filled with many beautiful landscapes in the form of the ocean, fields and historic places that will leave you amazed.  The other side that is also an advantage of Bali, in addition to beautiful places and charming cultural heritage, is pleasant weather throughout the year. It doesn't matter whether you bring complete photographic equipment or just take a picture with your cellphone, after exploring Bali you will go home with lots of beautiful pictures of this island of the gods.
If you like the world of animals and wildlife do not miss to visit Bali Safari Marine Park. Because this tourist spot in Bali, provides the best safari experience for you.  Bali Safari & Marine Park is also called Taman Safari Bali, one of the tourist attractions on the island of Bali which is a favorite of foreign tourists and very popular. Bali safari park attractions provide a place for wildlife in its natural habitat which was built with a blend of Balinese culture and suitable for visitors of all ages.
Bali safari parks are owned and managed by Indonesian safari parks. Indonesian safari parks are indeed well known experts in animal conservation and famous in organizing exhibitions and animal shows throughout Southeast Asia. Indonesian safari parks in Bali have more than 20 years experience in providing safari park rides, this experience makes Bali safari parks one of the best safari parks in Asia and is the best tourist spot on the island of the gods.
There are various types of endangered species from 3 countries, namely Indonesia, India and Africa. Consisting of 60 species and 400 endangered species originating from Indonesia, for example : White Starlings, Owls, Tapirs, Crocodiles, Deer Pigs and Sumatran Tigers.  From the State of India include Spotted Deer, Himalayan Bears, Nilgai and Black Buck. Rare animals from Africa also do not miss such as the Hippopotamus, Ostrich, Lion, Babbon, Zebra and Blue Wildebeest.
Gianyar Safari Marine Park area, built on an area of ??40 hectares. It is one of 3 zoos managed by Taman Safari Group in Indonesia.  Located in Gianyar Regency, Bali, and is included in three areas of the Village, namely Lebih Village, Serongga Village and Medahan Village.
When visiting here you can enjoy a number of performances including, animal shows and knowledge about animals on the Hanoman stage, elephant attractions in the elephant village which contains an elephant museum, elephant riding tours, and elephant shops. There are also elephant bathing attractions in the Ganesha park which has a 9 meter high Ganesha statue which is the entrance to the Bali Theater. There is also a holy water bathing place here called Tirta Sulasih.  Various Balinese handicrafts and animal shaped accessories are widely sold in the shopping area known as Peken Bali, and every day there is a Balinese dance class and playing Balinese gamelan instruments at Bale Banjar. If you want to stay overnight also provided lodging at the Mara River Safari Lodge.  At night visitors can see wildlife that roam in their habitat. There are also restaurants that provide a variety of foods and drinks.
If you have a 10 year old child, Fun Zone play facilities are also available for children up to 10 years old. Playgrounds are provided such as Mary Go Round, Clumbing Car, Go Go Bouncer.  Visitors can also ride camels, ride elephants around, feed elephants, and take pictures with endangered species.
Apart from being an attractive tourist destination in Bali that you must visit, Safari Marine Park is also used as a breeding ground for endangered animals, one of which is the White Tiger from India which is very rare to breed here to maintain its existence. Taman Safari Indonesia Group manages four parks in Indonesia :


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*Taman Safari Bogor West Java

*Taman Safari Prigen East Java

*Bali Safari and Marine Park

*Batang Dolphins Center Central Java


and is the best conservation institution and is accredited internationally. This park has a variety of fauna and species from five continents. About 7,500 animals are recorded in all Taman Safari Indonesia.  Moreover, Taman Safari Indonesia is the largest and most complete safari park in Southeast Asia.

Taman Safari Indonesia is also the best ecotourism in Indonesia. A tourist destination where visitors can interact directly with a variety of animals, birds and other animals directly. At present Indonesia already has four Safari Parks in four different regions. First, Taman Safari Indonesia in Cisarua Puncak, West Java. Second, Taman Safari Indonesia in Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java. Third, Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar Bali, and Fourth, Batang Dolphins Center in the Sigandu Beach Region, Batang, Central Java.


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