Merubetiri National Park

Merubetiri National Park

Meru Betiri National Park is a paradise for adventurous souls. Meru Betiri National Park is a nature conservation area that has an original ecosystem managed by a zoning system that is utilized for research, science, education, supporting cultivation, tourism and recreation.

The name Meru Betiri national park is taken from the mountain contained in it, namely Mount Meru which has an altitude of 500 mdlp and Mount Betiri 1,223 meters above sea level. Long ago, Meru Betiri's natural riches of animals and natural forests captivated the Dutch Government.  Based on TNMB historical data, the Netherlands has made Meru Betiri an area that must be preserved in 1929.

In Meru Betiri National Park, visitors can find various rare plants, such as Raflesia Zollingeriona flowers, Balanphora Fungosa, mangroves, fires, hibiscus, nyamplung, rengas, and several types of medicinal plants.  Not only plants, you can meet a variety of exotic wildlife, such as black panther, long-tailed macaques, ajag, turtles, and cracks. Meru Betiri National Park also offers some beautiful places that can be visited, such as Rajegwesi Beach, Batu Beach, Teluk Hijau, and of course Sukamade Beach.  In addition, visitors can also see the Japanese Cave, Raflesia Flowers, and so on.

Interesting Activities in Meru Betiri National Park,
Activities such as jungle trips or leisurely walks through the forest area while enjoying the beautiful scenery. This can be done to enjoy the beauty of the forest area in the Meru Betiri National Park. Adventure walks that might be memorable can visitors get in this place. The cool air typical of tropical rain forests certainly we will not miss it.

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Observing Plants and Animals, enjoying the beauty of diverse flora and seeing firsthand the lives of the animals in Meru Betiri National Park is truly a unique experience. Various kinds of flora and fauna live and breed in this Meru Beriti National Park. The types of flora that live in the Meru Beriti National Park forest area include hibiscus trees, objects trees, nyamplung trees, mangrove trees, rengas trees, and so on. For animal fauna such as leopards, jungle cats, flying squirrels, peacocks, bulls and deer, they are certainly eagerly awaited by visitors where they can watch with their own eyes in a safe distance according to the direction of the Java Private Tour Guide.

Marine tourism on a virgin beach in Meru Beriti National Park is really fun to do. In addition to having a forest, Meru Beriti National Park also has a beach that is still a virgin alias has not been visited by many people. Meru Beach, West Permisan Beach, East Permisan Beach and Bandealit Beach where visitors can relax and play with waves and sand. If you come by taking the family of course on the beach is a favorite choice, especially children – the children can be happy with games on the sand.

Visit and mingle with the fishermen in the fishing village in the Meru Beriti National Park area. The Rajegwesi Beach area is a coastal area where local fishermen live. In this area visitors can visit and see first hand the activities of local fishermen in fishing, making boats, to make nets to catch fish. Visitors can also take part in adventuring towards the sea to hunt fish in the high seas with groups of fishermen. It must be very exciting and interesting to do because it can mingle directly with the fishermen and the lives of the fishermen in this area. Events like enjoying grilled fish on the beach can be done with family and friends who are invited as well as visiting Meru Betiri National Park.

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Doing body surfing that can be used as a learning facility to surf in the Meru Beriti National Park area.  In the Bandealit Beach area visitors can learn how to surf well.  Where for beginners is very opened with a wide door. The waves that are not so big make this surfing learning tour become an interesting activity for visitors in Meru Beriti National Park.  Surfing mentors available at this place are already very skilled and professional in teaching surfing.

Watch turtle activities while on the beach in the Meru Beriti National Park area.  Turtles are animals that are cultivated by the Meru Beriti National Park manager. These sea turtles are breed naturally. Visitors can see sea turtles moving in groups from land to sea to swim or from sea to land to lay eggs. The existence of this turtle breeding is a good tool in maintaining the original habitat of the Java sea turtle in Meru Beriti National Park.

Enjoy the cultural tourism typical of the local community in the Meru Beriti National Park area.  Cultural tourism in the form of visiting the village of making brown sugar.  Which in the process of processing brown sugar using coconut. Seeing unique things like this would be an exciting sight. The activity of making brown sugar has been passed down for generations.  The way to make brown sugar in this place is still simple and natural.  Making brown sugar itself is not only a livelihood but also preserving the efforts of previous ancestors. When an activity like this is opened for visitors to observe, it certainly will make a tour has added value.  By being able to see for yourself the traditional business processes of the local community in processing brown sugar from the beginning of the process to the process.

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