Private Fishing Tour

Private Fishing Tour

Fishing is a very exciting activity, especially if it is indeed your hobby. Various types and reasons for people to do this fishing activity, among others, are carried out because of sports, competitions, or recreation, and can be done in lakes, rivers, seasides, seas, and also in man-made ponds, so many things and reasons why people  fishing activities.

Together with Java Private Tour you can fish in the sea while adventuring in Bali, you will be invited to feel the excitement of a fishing trip with various catches of sea fish, which can certainly provide adventure and new experiences in your vacation.

Java Private Tour packs a lot of creative travel themes, so that it makes your vacation not boring, as in marine tourism, the Java Private Tour not only highlights underwater nature, such as diving or snorkeling, but the Java Private Tour also packs a personal travel theme  with other interesting activities, as will be reviewed at this time are : Private Fishing Tour in The Sea of ??Bali. The island of Bali which is surrounded by the sea has the potential to carry out fishing activities more optimally, with its small island size making the best spots for fishing tourism activities in Bali easier to reach.

Fishing Techniques,
There are several kinds of bait used in fishing, such as live or dead bait, and artificial bait called "lures", where the bait is made to resemble fish or toys that can attract the attention of predatory fish to eat it. There are various fishing techniques at sea used by anglers, including Casting technique, which is done by throwing a hook that already contains bait and then pulling and rolling it back, playing the lures or bait as if teasing water predators.

There is a fishing technique called the Jigging Technique, a simple technique that simply drops the bait into the middle of the sea, swinging the rod, then there is the Trolling technique, this technique by dropping the bait into the sea along with the ship that runs, then while stretching the bait and staying  let the bait dragged while waiting for the bait struck by the fish (strike). The next fishing technique is the Popping Technique, this technique throws lure (bait) repeatedly into the middle of the sea, water predators who feel disturbed (not because of hunger) will grab the fish, this is where the most impressive strike sensation. This technique is considered the most favored by anglers.

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Private Fishing Tour spot in Bali with Java Private Tour.

Bali has a lot of potential water spots as fishing objects, for those of you who have a hobby of fishing there are some of the best fishing spots provided by the Java Private Tour on the island of Bali :

Tanjung Benoa,
Tanjung Benoa in the Badung region is the center of watersport tourism in the South Bali region, various water games you can enjoy in this area including one of them is fishing, fishing spots here are basic fishing spots, and the Java Private Tour can provide boats to enjoy the sensation of strike in the middle of the sea, Tanjung Benoa distance from the airport about 20 km.

Benoa Harbor Denpasar,
Besides Tanjung Benoa Badung, you can also visit Denpasar Benoa Harbor, these two places are located separately, and can be accessed from different directions, but the position of the two are close together, and offers the same sensation as a fishing spot that is quite desirable.  Fishing with casting techniques will feel ideal in this Benoa port.

Kedonganan Beach,
The distance of Kedonganan beach in Kuta south of Badung from the airport is around 10 km, a popular place for the fish market or the center of fresh fish in Bali, located next to Jimbaran which is the center of fresh seafood in Bali. Kedonganan Beach itself is indeed a fishing beach, dozens or even hundreds of fishing boats meet the beach which supplies fresh fish in this area. In Kedonganan there is a pier that has a platform to the middle of the sea which is often used by anglers for fishing, and of course the Java Private Tour can provide boats for fishing into the middle of the sea. The closest fishing location to the Kedongan beach area is Tegal Wangi Beach which has coral cliffs.

Tulamben location in the eastern part of the island of Bali or in the district of Karangasem, the distance from Ngurah Rai airport is about 100 km, a considerable distance but able to provide an unforgettable sensation of fishing and strike. Tulamben is a popular tourism area in Karangasem, not only popular for diving or snorkeling activities but also as an ideal fishing spot. Besides you can fish from the beach with surf casting techniques or Indonesian people used to call it the technique of "mancing pasiran" using a long rod, throwing bait into the middle of the sea. But even more special is using a boat to go to sea while fishing, do popping techniques and feel the sensation of strike.

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Not only Tulamben but also Amed which is also a tourism area in Karangasem or East Bali region as a popular fishing tourist spot on the island of Bali. Located about 15 km south of Tulamben it gives the same sensation, the rocky beach with a row of "jukung" or traditional boat presents beautiful scenery as a tourist destination. Amed also presents the natural beauty of the underwater ideal for diving and snorkeling activities. What is interesting is the fishing tour, Amed is the ideal place for those who like fishing at sea. By using the same traditional boat as used by fishermen, you can explore the middle of the sea for fishing activities. One of the ideal places for fishing in the Amed area is Jemeluk beach.

Serangan Island,
The location of the Serangan Island is still in the Denpasar area, so it is easily accessible by the citizens of the city, and this place is a popular fishing tourism destination. Serangan Island is an ideal fishing spot from the beach, throwing bait into the middle of the sea and waiting for a strike from a water predator, besides that you can feel the sensation of fishing using enough wooden boats for up to 3 people, surely it will be an interesting experience, by the crew of the Java Private Tour you will be escorted to the fishing spot in the middle of the sea about 200-300 meters from the beach, then you have arrived at a strategic place for fishing. The Java Private Tour can also facilitate larger boats if you want to explore these waters.

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Padang Bai,
Padang Bai developed into one of the centers of tourism in East Bali or Karangasem region, in this area there are also ferry ports and fast boat docks to Nusa Penida and Gili Trawangan.  Padang Bai area also provides fishing tourism activities at sea, where this boat is rented for those of you who want to enjoy fishing tourism. Looking for a strategic place or spot with our boat captain's guide heading to the islands of Goat and Gili Mimpang. Padang bai indeed presents many things, besides being a fishing spot, this area also presents the natural beauty of the underwater for diving and snorkeling, and also presents the beauty of white sand beaches like Blue Lagoon and Bias Tugel.

Nusa Penida,
A beautiful island that is part of the Klungkung Regency, Bali.  To go to the island you can take a fast boat from Sanur, Kusamba and Padang Bai. Sea fishing in Nusa Penida can be done with rock fishing techniques, because indeed the sea area in Nusa Penida is directly adjacent to the cliffs and also surf fishing that can be directly from the beach, Java Private Tour can also facilitate your boat to find the best spots for fishing. The marine life that inhabits the Nusa Penida region includes barracudas, snapper, layur and sharks. The best spots for fishing in Nusa Penida include Batu Bolong, Batu Sepatu, Batu Kaite, Batu Abah and mangrove areas.

Other places that are also popular for fishing tourism in Bali include Lebih Beach, Ujung Beach, Kusamba Beach, Watu Klotok Beach, and many more.

Consult and plan your Bali Private Fishing Tour with Java Private Tour.  We will arrange all your fishing activities, starting from Accommodation, Transportation, Boat, Professional Guides and other things that can adjust to your wishes.


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