Tegallalang Rice Terace

Tegallalang Rice Terace

Bali Island of the Gods not only has a beautiful beach, but also a stretch of rice terraces as presented by the tourist attraction Tegalalang.  In a tour package in Bali, this place is visited when traveling the route in the direction of Kintamani - Ubud, the location itself is not far from the attractions of Ubud.  Tegalalang is a Subdistrict city, still in the same area of ​​Gianyar Regency.

The location of this tourist spot is located on the edge of the main highway, strategically on the tour route in Bali and adjacent to the Ubud tourism area, making every day Tegalalang visited by many tourists. So if you want to find a beautiful natural recreation place besides the beach while on vacation in Bali, then the terraced rice field tourist destination on Tegalalang becomes an ideal tour destination.

Rice Field Exploration,
The main attraction of this area is of course the paddy fields that form rice terraces that you can explore. This area also looks more beautiful with the number of trees that create a calm atmosphere under the hot sun. While walking along the rice fields, you can also see farmers who are planting rice or plowing rice fields. Uniquely, they do not hesitate to pose when you aim the camera.

A La Farmer's Photo Session,
In addition to exploring the rice fields, you can also take pictures while wearing typical farmer properties such as "caping" hats and wicker baskets. Farmers who work usually allow visitors to use the property and take pictures.  This simple activity can be an interesting choice, especially for those of you who like photography and upload it to Instagram.

Don't miss the traditional appetizing lunch at the nearby cafes or restaurants that offer panoramic views of the green rice fields. The variety of menu options available is guaranteed to make you sway your tongue.  After you are tired of going through the paddy fields, try to enjoy the freshness of the original coconut water which is widely sold scattered around the paddy fields, you can while resting and cooling yourself.


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