Journey Through Malang’s History, 20 Sites to Inspire Your Imagination

Candi Singasari at Malang – Malang, located in the heart of East Java, Indonesia, is renowned for its picturesque natural landscapes, vibrant culinary scene, and exciting amusements. But few realize that it is also a treasure trove of historical wonders waiting to be explored. From ancient temples and museums to architectural marvels, Malang boasts a rich historical heritage that tells tales of its fascinating past. In this article, we will take you on a journey through time as we uncover the 20 historical sites and landmarks that make Malang a destination not just for leisure travelers but also for history enthusiasts, researchers, and journalists.

1.Museum Singhasari

Candi Singasari
Located in the Singhasari Residence, this museum houses a collection of historical artifacts from the Singasari Kingdom, a significant Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in the Malang region. With around 345 historical relics, the Museum Singhasari offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of this ancient kingdom.

2. Museum Brawijaya

Brawijawa Museum at Malang
Established in 1968, the Museum Brawijaya is a renowned historical museum in Malang, showcasing military artifacts used during the struggle for Indonesia’s independence. One of its prized possessions is the “Gerbong Maut,” a grim reminder of Dutch colonial cruelty.

3. Museum Mpu Purwa

Mpu Purwa Museum at Malang

Situated in Griya Santa, this museum features a diverse collection of historical artifacts and ancient relics from various Javanese kingdoms. The museum takes its name from Mpu Purwa, a revered figure in ancient Javanese culture.

4. Museum Panji

This museum is dedicated to the legendary tale of Panji Asmorobangun and Dewi Sekartaji, princess of the Jenggala Kingdom. It also offers a glimpse into the history of Malang with a collection of wayang (shadow puppet) figures and historical documents.

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5. Indonesian Old Cinema Museum

Old Film Museum at Malang
Dive into Indonesia’s cinematic history by visiting the Indonesian Old Cinema Museum, where you can explore artifacts related to the iconic “layar tancap” (outdoor cinema) that once graced the nation’s screens.

6. Museum Ganesya

Pataka Collection at Ganesya Museum Malang
Located within the Hawai Water Park complex, this museum showcases artifacts from the Majapahit Kingdom. The exhibits include miniature temples, clay houses, and various relics from the Singosari and Majapahit kingdoms.

7. Monumen Juang 45

Monumen Juang 45 at Malang
This monument commemorates the brave resistance of Malang’s people during the fight for independence from 1945 to 1949. It features a symbolic statue depicting the triumph of the people over their oppressors.

8. Kawasan Ijen:
Explore the Ijen area, which is rich in colonial-era heritage, including the Cathedral of Santa Theresia (Gereja Ijen) and Dutch-style houses. The streets in this area are named after Indonesian mountains, a testament to the town’s unique history.

9. Kayutangan Heritage

Kayutangan Heritage Village at Malang
This well-preserved area is a testament to Dutch colonial architecture and culture, with 22 heritage buildings that serve as both residences and businesses, showcasing the distinct Dutch architectural style.

10. Kelenteng Eng An Kiong

Klenteng Eng An Kiong at Malang

Delve into the cultural diversity of Malang by visiting Kelenteng Eng An Kiong, a Tridharma temple that combines elements of Khonghucu, Taoism, and Buddhism. This temple is not just a place of worship but also a historical and religious attraction.

11. Masjid Bungkuk

Masjid Bungkuk at Malang
As the oldest mosque in Malang, Masjid Bungkuk is steeped in history. It is a symbol of the spread of Islam in the region, converting the predominantly Hindu population of the time. The mosque’s name is derived from its unique founder, Kyai Hamimuddin, or Mbah Bungkuk.

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12. Petirtaan Watugede

Watugede bathing pool at Malang
This bathing pool is believed to have been part of a royal garden during the Majapahit Kingdom. Its clear spring water, surrounded by lush trees, provides a serene atmosphere for visitors.

13. Pemandian Ken Dedes

The Ken Dedes Bathhouse is a historical site located in Malang, East Java. The area of the Ken Dedes Bathhouse is 1.5 hectares. Allegedly, the Ken Dedes Bathhouse is the bathing place of Princess Ken Dedes. During the Singasari Kingdom era, there was a garden known as the Boboji Garden. The Boboji Garden is where Ken Arok and Ken Dedes first met. It offers adult and children’s pools and recreational activities in a tranquil, forested setting.

14. Candi Singasari

Candi Singasari
Explore the ancient Candi Singasari, a Hindu-Buddhist temple that was dedicated to honor King Kertanegara of the Singasari Kingdom. The iconic Kala head carvings at the temple entrance are a must-see.

15. Candi Jago:
Candi Jago is another remarkable historical site, known for its association with Raja Anusapati. The temple’s elegant structure and detailed carvings are captivating remnants of an ancient era.

16. Candi Kidal

Candi Kidal at Malang
Candi Kidal is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Anusapati, a significant figure in Singasari history. Its intricate design and fine architecture make it a captivating historical landmark.

17. Candi Badut

Candi Badut at Malang
The oldest temple in East Java, Candi Badut, offers a unique insight into the region’s history. With Hindu influences, it is both a historical and architectural wonder.

18. Candi Jawar Ombo

Candi Jawar Ombo at Malang
Candi Jawar Ombo is known for its enigmatic charm. Facing the mighty Mount Semeru, this temple remains a mystery, with limited historical research conducted on it.

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19. Candi Sumberawan

Candi Sumberawan at Malang
Candi Sumberawan is a unique stupa-like structure with a significant absence of traditional Javanese temple features. Its purpose and historical origin remain shrouded in mystery.

20. Candi Karangbesuki:
Located in Gasek, Candi Karangbesuki is a testament to the Kanjuruhan Kingdom’s history. Although now in ruins, it is believed to have been built in the 8th century and is a historical gem in Malang.

Malang City Hall

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