Ijen Blue Fame Sunrise Experience

Ijen Blue Fame Sunrise Experience
Indonesia is currently one of the favorite tourist destinations for fans of nature tourism, especially mountain climbing.  Because Indonesia is surrounded by many volcanoes with beautiful views.  One of them is Mount Ijen, located in Banyuwangi, East Java.
Although not as famous as Mount Rinjani, Semeru, or Bromo, Mount Ijen feels special because it has a rare phenomenon in the form of Blue Fire that there are only two in the world, and one of them is in Indonesia.  Having the largest crater among volcanoes on the island of Java, this active volcano last erupted in 1936.
Blue Fire itself is a reaction from natural gas when it meets oxygen at a certain level.  The results of this reaction look like blue flame.  Because of its beauty, Mount Ijen is one of the destinations frequented by tourists from all over the world.
Withstand drowsiness when climbing a mountain which has an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level, and with a slope of 40 degrees, for two to three hours is not a big problem, because this is to witness the beautiful phenomenon of Mount Ijen, because the moment of Blue Fire only occurs between 02.00am  -04.00am. This phenomenon may have occurred since hundreds or thousands of years ago.  It's just, Blue Fire was only discovered in 1950 by miners who work on this mountain and was only exposed in 2014.
Blue flames like a stove fire between the dark that emerged from the crater of the mountain looks very beautiful.  Don't be surprised why Blue Fire has become a natural phenomenon that attracts the attention of world travelers. Besides in Banyuwangi, this phenomenon also occurs in Iceland.
After enjoying the view of the 'blue fire' blaze in the crater of Mount Ijen, don't forget to take the time to see the sunrise. Finally, satisfy your wanderlust by enjoying views of the turqoise green Mount Ijen crater that looks like a lake. However, always prioritize the safety factor when visiting, because the crater which has a depth of 200 meters contains high acid levels.  High levels of these acids can even dissolve the human body quickly.  It is recommended not to climb in the rainy season, other than because the track will be very slippery, its sandy and rocky route will make it difficult for you when hiking.
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