Bira Besar Island (Thousand Island)

Bira Besar Island (Thousand Island)

If you are in Jakarta, and want to experience a holiday on the beach, you do not need to go to the island of Bali or Lombok, just depart from the capital Jakarta and head straight for the Thousand Islands in the Jakarta area, in this area there are hundreds of beautiful islands, some of which have been developed into resort islands, among others are Bidadari Island, Pramuka Island, Kahyangan Island, and one of them is Bira Besar Island Tourism.

Did you know that the farther your vacation destination is from the Bay of Jakarta, the scenery and waters will be more natural and clean, including the island of Bira or Bira Besar Island. The main attraction of this beach tourist destination is the beauty of the underwater scenery which is often the target of divers.  When visiting this island, you can certainly see divers who do diving activities around the dock of the ship whose waters are not too deep. For this dive activity the manager has even prepared a special ladder to go directly to the sea water on the beach.
If you do not have a diving certificate, you can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater panorama of this tourist destination by snorkeling or swimming with colorful small fishes around the boat dock. In addition, you can also just sit around on the edge of the dock while feeding the small colorful fish that swim around it.  Don't forget to bring fish food or bread crumbs to share with these small fish.
In addition to exploring the underwater scenery, tourist activities that you can do here, of course, typical beach tourism.  The most widely done of course is swimming in the clear and shallow waters and playing sand on the beach. The beauty of the Thousand Islands is equivalent to the beaches on the islands of Bali and Lombok, the beaches in the Thousand Islands region are also white and soft which feels very comfortable at our feet when stepped on. Don't forget to take a culinary tour of this island of Bira by tasting a variety of fresh and grilled seafood on the beach. Obviously a barbecue party is an activity that should not be missed while on vacation at the beach.
From the Java Private Tour review above, you can certainly conclude that a vacation to the beach to spend the weekend or free time will definitely be the most enjoyable event. So don't hesitate to book your favorite tour package in the Thousand Islands with Java Private Tour.
Bira Besar Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands which is quite famous for those beach lovers and underwater scenery hunters. This island is not as famous as Tidung Island or others, so there aren't too many visitors. This tourist destination was once even one of the island hopping destinations or island cruises on the island of Hope.  Though the island is in fact very feasible to be a major holiday destination besides the island of Hope.
As noted earlier, Bira Besar Island is located quite far from Ancol Jakarta Bay and to reach it you have to use a fast boat for about 3 hours. If you depart from Muara Angke using a ferry crossing, the travel time is even further, which is about up to 5 hours. But you don't need to worry because all your efforts will pay off when you arrive at the tourist site.
Once set foot on the pier, the natural scenery of the island will definitely immediately amaze you.  Because the waters are still very clear and natural, you can even witness firsthand the underwater scenery and its various marine life by sitting on the edge of the pier. Do not forget to capture the beautiful underwater scenery.
The atmosphere around the deserted island will make you like a vacation on a privately owned island. This is because the bira besar island is a resort island, so there are no residents who live here as it is on Harapan Island or Tidung Island. Thus, if you want to stay on Bira Besar Island, of course you have to rent transportation, accommodation in the form of cottages or hotels, and also a private tour guide, but don't worry, because Java Private Tour can provide everything for you, but considering the number of rental rooms and guest houses  which is very limited, it requires you to make reservations in advance of your arrival, especially during the holiday season.


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