Bibijilan Waterfall

Bibijilan Waterfall

Bibijilan Waterfall is one of the hidden paradises in the karst mountains covered with tropical rain forests. After you do adventure activities that are full of sensations exploring the exciting and tense Buniayu Cave, then you can continue to explore this Bibijilan Waterfall whose water gushes out of the limestone crevices, surely this will be a very memorable experience.

Sukabumi is indeed famous for having a lot of hidden natural attractions which have recently become a hunting ground for international adventurers, but if you want to feel comfortable when visiting this location please avoid holidays and weekends, because the traffic that you are going to go through to this place is always busy and jammed.

The name bibijilan comes from the Sundanese language, which means to appear, according to the appearance of water that seems to be gushing out of the bowels of the earth, The flow of this waterfall comes from inside the Buniayu Cave which flows into levels to form a waterfall.

Bibijilan Waterfall Location.
Bibijilan Waterfall is located in Lebak Nangka Hamlet, a hamlet in Kerta Angsana Village, Nyalindung District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province. This waterfall is still included in the Buni Ayu tourist area, and is located not far from the location of the Buniayu Cave which is about 3.3 km from the waterfall. If you visit Buniayu Cave then Bibijilan waterfall is the next destination that you should explore.

How to get to Bibijilan Waterfall.
To get to your location I suggest using a private vehicle, or you can contact Java Private Tour to provide private transportation, and avoid using public transportation, because it will certainly be a hassle for you, especially if you are a foreign citizen, getting on and off public transportation and communication problems can cause you to get lost or things that you don't want happen, and of course it will be very inconvenient because all public transportation drivers, and the surrounding community do not speak foreign languages, especially English. For reasons of communication, comfort and ensuring your safety, Java Private Tour is here to arrange all your adventure needs.

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You also have to be careful when passing the paths that are in the middle of the pine forest, because when it rains, the road you are going to walk on will be very slippery and muddy. Watch your steps so you don't slip. From the edge of the cliff the waterfall can be seen, but you have to be careful if you want to walk to the edge or to the middle of the waterfall to have a look.

Interesting things in Bibijilan Waterfall.
This waterfall has a multilevel shape, and the swift flow of water flowing out of the limestone rocks at some points does not even look like a waterfall but like a fountain coming out of the crevices of the rock. From a distance, it can be seen that the splash of water is very white, forming a beautiful scene. You can also climb this multilevel waterfall, apart from rock climbing, you can also do some exciting activities such as flying fox and body rafting, if you are satisfied with all of that, you can swim in natural pools that are many under waterfalls. The water in these pools is very clear but feels very cold.

Bibijilan Waterfall is located at an altitude of 100 meters so that the air temperature in the waterfall area is enough to make you shiver. Especially if you are wet.  For those of you who like photography, here there are many views that are good enough for you to make a photo spot, don't forget to bring your camera, and try to bring a waterproof camera.

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