Harapan Island (Thousand Island)

Harapan Island (Thousand Island)
Harapan (hope) Island in the Thousand Islands can be an alternative destination for snorkeling or even Scuba Diving. Only 4-5 hours to get to Harapan Island from the Ancol pier, Jakarta.
A beautiful stretch of white sand pier greets you when you set foot on Harapan Island. The wind blows the scent of the sea, as if inviting you to enjoy crystal clear water Like being in a giant aquarium, small fish and other marine biota that are still maintained its purity further adds to the exotic impression of the island in the Thousand Islands. With its natural beauty, it is proper for Harapan Island to become a mainstay tourist attraction.  Harapan Island is one of the many islands in the Thousand Islands.  Harapan Island is not too broad, but Harapan Island is a densely populated island. To reach Harapan Island, we have to pass through Pramuka Island, if departing from Muara Angke Pier or Ancol Marina, the trip takes 4 hours to get to Harapan Island.  As the name suggests, the hope (harapan) to relax your mind or body with a natural marine environment is immediately manifested when you get off the boat you are using.
Harapan Island is a residential area in the Thousand Islands National Park. Because it is in the national park zone, it is only natural that marine life on the Island of Harapan is still maintained. There are hundreds of coral reefs which adorn the underwater island of Harapan. Likewise with other fish species, both small and large.
Turtle breeding located on Kalapa Island can also be reached on foot from the island of Harapan. Because, since some time ago, the government has provided land access that connects Harapan Island and Kelapa Island. Construction of land access in the form of a concrete bridge was carried out in a series of beach reclamation activities in the Thousand Islands. Besides being close to turtle breeding sites, Harapan Island is also close to the Thousand Islands Airport located on Panjang Island.  Enjoying the beauty of Harapan Island is not limited to daytime.  Amazing scenery can also be watched at night, Beautiful lighting lights surround Harapan Island like twinkling fireflies. The ray of lights comes from the cluster of resort islands that surround Harapan Island.
The Thousand Islands has indeed become one of the best marine tourism destinations in Indonesia, besides Bali, Raja Ampat and the Mentawai Islands. The beauty of the panorama of the sea, the waves and the underwater scenery is too pitty to miss. Harapan Island as part of the Thousand Islands has professional water sports development facilities. Even the Java Private Tour includes snorkeling and diving as part of the travel package offered, of course this makes it easy for tourists to be able to enjoy the underwater beauty of Harapan Island.
In addition to water sports, Harapan Island also provides you with island hopping facilities, which are touring the islands using traditional boats. There are several mainstay islands that can be visited, such as Besar Island, Perak Island and Bulat Island. In addition to tourism potential, Harapan Island also has other natural potentials, such as the development of marine fish farming and fishing has been carried out in a sustainable manner. Likewise with the preservation of mangrove forests that function as protectors of marine life.


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