Andong Mountain Experience

Andong Mountain Experience

Andong Mountain is a shield type mountain located in Magelang Regency, directly adjacent to Semarang Regency and Salatiga City, Central Java Province. At a height of 1,726 meters above sea level, Andong Mountain has never been recorded to have erupted to date.

Andong Mountain name is indeed not as popular as its neighbors Mount Merbabu, Mount Merapi, Mount Ungaran, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. Andong Mountain is very popular among beginner climbers, that’s one of them because Andong Mountain has a fairly light track and only takes about 2 hours to get to the peak. So no wonder on weekends this place is always full of visitors.

There are 6 basecamps as starting points for climbing Mount Andong, namely the basecamp of the Palm Hamlet, Pendem Hamlet, Gugik Hamlet, Temu Hamlet, Kudusan Hamlet and Sekararum Kembangan Hamlet.  However, the base camp recommended by the Java Private Tour is to leave through Pendem Hamlet and return through the Palm Hamlet.

For you Javatravelers from all over the world who are curious about this mountain, if you depart from Jakarta, you can fly from Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport to Adi Sumarmo Solo Airport in Central Java, then the crew from the Java Private Tour will pick you up, and you can continue the journey  land with the Java Private Tour Crew, don’t worry about Accommodation and Transportation, because the Java Private Tour will arrange it for you.

There are 2 choices, Javatravelers who want to camp can depart from the Basemamp of Pendem Hamlet in the afternoon around 03.00pm and are expected to arrive at the camping ground of Mount Andong at 05.00pm, and can enjoy the beautiful sunset, while for those of you who don’t camper, leave at 3:00 am early  day, it is estimated to arrive at Mount Andong at 05.00am and you can watch the moment the sun rises.

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Then what else can you enjoy on Mount Andong apart from Sunrise and Sunset?

Ocean of clouds at the Peak of the Tomb. The best Ocean of Clouds usually appears near Batu Hermitage against the backdrop of Mount Telomoyo, Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi.  It could also be at the top of the tomb with a background of Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing and Mount Prau that appear from a distance.

View 4 Highest Peak. Alap-Alap Peak is the first peak after passing through the Hermitage Stone with an altitude of 1,692 meters above sea level. Alap-alap peak is more recommended for those looking for a calm atmosphere.

Andong Peak is the highest point of Andong Mountain. Compared to other peaks, Andong Peak is the most perfect spot to see clearly some of the mountains around Andong Mountain.

The Peak of the Soul is the Peak which is always identical with the number of colorful lined tents.  This is the most favorite location to set up a tent.  Maybe this is because the Soul Peak has a wider plain.

The peak of tombstone is a small house building measuring 2×3 m with tightly closed conditions. It is said that inside the building there is a place for ritual ceremonies.  This is the tomb in question, the tomb of a well-known figure named Ki Joko Pekik.

View of the Big Mountain. When you are on Andong Mountain, Javatravelers will get a lot of bonuses, namely the view of several large mountains at once.  To the east, Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi appear to be peering in from behind, and Mount Lawu in a small size. From the west you can see the twin mountains of Sindoro and Sumbing and Prau Mountain.  From the north, Mount Telomoyo and Mount Ungaran are visible, and Mount Tidar and Menoreh Mountains from the south, although often covered by thick clouds.

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Waterfall Sumuran. Before going home, stop briefly at the Sumuran Waterfall which is about 5 km from the hamlet of the Sawit Hamlet.  This 30 m high waterfall is precisely located in Seloprojo Village, Ngablak District, Magelang Regency. The distinctive feature of Sumuran Waterfall is that there are rocks like stairs as a place for water flow. Water discharge is not so heavy and stable from time to time. There is a cool and clear water pool underneath which is deliberately made permanent to resemble a large well and is safe for those who want to soak in it.

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