Mount Sindoro Experience

Mount Sindoro Experience

Mount Sindoro is one of the popular mountains in Central Java. With an altitude of 3,153 meters above sea level, Mount Sindoro is always crowded by visitors who want to experience climbing on the long and challenging path.  The offer of beauty at its peak will also satisfy anyone who sees it.

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Next to Sumbing Mountain,
Who does not know Mount Sindoro?. This mountain holds extraordinary beauty. Its appeal is not in doubt. Mount Sindoro and Sumbing are two mountains that are located close together.  Having a shape and height that is not much different, these two mountains are often dubbed "twin mountains". This similarity also makes it difficult for many people to distinguish between Mount Sindoro and Sumbing.

When you reach the summit of Mount Sindoro, you will clearly see the view of Mount Sumbing across. Conversely, if you climb Mount Sumbing, then Mount Sindoro will be a beautiful panorama at its peak. A collection of clouds around Sumbing Mountain has become a distinctive charm that is always the object of photos for visitors.

The amazing expanse of edelweiss fields,
Climbing to Mount Sindoro will be more fun because you will pass the savanna filled with edelweiss flowers.  Even so, you will only find edelweiss fields after going through Post 3 of Mount Sindoro.  The existence of edelweiss flowers is also a sign that you are close to the peak. In addition to the beautiful peak panorama, the existence of the edelweiss flower is also the reason for the climbers who come, and they set up tents or spend time taking pictures in the edelweiss field. If you want to see the charm of this eternal flower, come between May and August.

There is a "lake" at the top of the mountain,
Mount Sindoro is an active volcano. At its peak there is the Jolotundo Crater, an active crater that emits smoke and sulfutara gas (sulfur). Interestingly, there are two small "lakes" filled with clear water in the dead crater.  The two lakes which are only separated by a crater wall are known as Magic Ponds among climbers. Magical Pond has a unique natural phenomenon because its appearance only occurs during the rainy season.  That is because the lake is filled with abundant rain water.  Eventually, the lake water will run out because most climbers take the water to be used as supplies when traveling down.
Crater area is free to be visited by anyone, but you need to be aware of sulfutara gas that is still actively coming out of the crater.  The smoke usually comes out with high intensity when it rains.  So in certain conditions, climbers on Mount Sindoro are expected not to go down to the crater.

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The Unique of 1 Sura Ritual,
Every night 1 Sura or Islamic New Year on the Javanese-Islamic calendar, many local residents climb Mount Sindoro to hold a salvation at the summit for one night. This religious ritual that has been carried out from generation to generation is done as a form of gratitude towards the Creator. I was so unique, the ritual actually invited the curiosity of many climbers.  Therefore, each moment Mount Sindoro is often full of climbers who want to witness the ritual firsthand.

Location and access to Mount Sindoro,
Mount Sindoro is located between Temanggung and Wonosobo Regencies, Central Java.  Mountain with an altitude of 3153 masl is an active volcano type of volcano or a mountain that is sleeping and can at any time experience an eruption. In history, this mountain has shown an increase in volcanic activity in 1970. Whereas in 2011, Mount Sindoro re-emitted thick sulfutara smoke with intense earthquake activity.

Even so, Mount Sindoro is quite safe to climb. Until now, several hiking routes have been opened to Mount Sindoro, namely the Kledung, Sigedang Tambi, Sibajak, and Jlumprit paths. Of the four paths, the Kledung track is a favorite of climbers. In addition to having the fastest access, this route also has directions to make it easier for visitors.

The Kledung base camp is located in Kledung Village, Temanggung Regency, precisely next to the Kledung Village Hall.  On the climb to the summit of Mount Sindoro, you will find a variety of tracks. From the base camp, you will first go through the neatly arranged rocks. Along the way, you will pass through the village, the vegetable fields, until finally you reach a vast tobacco garden. Interestingly, the climb to Pos 1 provides many bonuses in the form of beautiful scenery.

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If you want to save energy or shorten the time, you can ride motorbike taxis aka OJEK (motorbike rental) from base camp to Pos 1. However, you have to pay additional fees to use these facilities.  Furthermore, your journey to Post 2 will still be dominated by a sloping path surrounded by forests and shrubs.

Starting with Pos 2, you will soon face an uphill terrain. For those who are not accustomed to climbing, you might find it difficult because the path is only a rocky dirt road. Moreover, the distance from Pos 2 to Pos 3 is relatively far so that it will be very draining.

Upon arrival at Pos 3, you can set up a tent and rest. A large area surrounded by trees makes Pos 3 suitable as a camping location.  There is also a Sunrise Camp area not far from Pos 3. Sunrise Camp is often chosen by climbers who want to see the sun rise directly from the tent. You will also see views of Mount Sumbing, as well as Mount Merbabu and Merapi from a distance.

Even so, you are not advised to camp in the Sunrise Camp area.  Its location in an open area without trees makes camp activities quite dangerous.  Especially when bad weather can cause tents unstable, or struck by lightning.

After staying overnight at Pos 3 or Sunrise Camp, continue the journey to the summit. Your journey to summit will be more difficult by going through Lamtoro Forest and Tatah Stone. The Tatah Stone is an open area marked by many large stones. The terrain will certainly drain a lot of energy, but because the path is open you can freely enjoy the natural scenery without any obstacles.

Out of the Tatah Stone area, you will find Pos 4 until you reach the savanna dominated by edelweiss flowers. This savannas is a bonus as well as a sign that your journey to the peak is getting closer.

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Facilities and accommodation in Mount Sindoro,
Gunung Sindoro Kledung base camp has quite complete facilities.  In addition to being the headquarters of the Search and Rescue team, this base camp provides a hall as a place to rest, luggage storage, public toilets, to the parking area.  Not far from the base camp, visitors can also find a mosque.

For those who feel hungry, around the base camp are also available many simple stalls selling various foods and drinks. The climbers can even order (take away) as stock on the trip. Another important facility provided by the base camp is clean water for logistical purposes.

Just for information, the lack of water sources on Mount Sindoro makes the climbers have to bring enough water reserves. In addition, the weather there is known to be quite hot and dusty.  For this reason, climbing is better done at night to avoid the risk of dehydration or fatigue due to hot weather.

Finally, at the Kledung base camp you can also find souvenir sellers of Mount Sindoro. Starting from T-shirts, key chains, to stickers can certainly be a souvenir that is suitable for friends and family at home.

Operational hour,
Regarding operational hours, climbing Mount via Kledung is open 24 hours. Generally, visitors start climbing in the morning so they can reach the camp area in the afternoon. The journey to the summit will continue at the beginning of the morning the next day.

Although the path to the summit is quite tiring, Mount Sindoro has always been a pleasant hiking destination. You will see a variety of features that are rarely found on other mountains. So, if you have the opportunity to climb Mount Sindoro, don't waste that opportunity!


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