Tiger Island (Thousand Island)

Tiger Island (Thousand Island)

Another private island inside Thousand Island are is Macan Island. The difference is, the island with the title "Tiger Island" (Tiger = Macan) comes with the concept of an eco resort or eco village. This island is a destination that should not be missed in your adventure series in the Thousand Islands. Macan Island consists of two, namely Macan Besar Island where the eco resort is located, and another is called Macan Kecil Island aka Macan Gundul Island, Macan Island is seen at low tide, and can be reached only by walking from Macan Besar Island. As per the concept offered, Macan Island presents a holiday feel that blends with nature.  But don't worry, ecotourism tourism facilities are available to guarantee your comfort. As an eco resort that offers an eco village concept, privately managed accommodation facilities on Pulau Macan come in a number of different themes. There are several types of cottages to choose from, including:

Sunset Hut Type, as the name suggests, this cottage offers a breathtaking sunset view directly from your room.  Imagine, how nice it is to relax in the room while enjoying the beautiful moment when the sun sets in the Western horizon.

Red brick, This cottage offers a distinctive rustic feel, with the inn dominated by the brick red color.

Eco Wood, Cottages highlighting the natural feel of wood.  You can feel the comfortable and warm atmosphere here.

Drift Wood. Cottage with a thicker feel of sea wood.  You will enjoy the typical marine atmosphere

Tent, Tentthemed cottages, presenting a natural camping feel that certainly gives its own pleasure.

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In addition to the cottage that comes with a unique concept, you are also spoiled with a number of watersports facilities, ranging from water sports for fun, to water sports to pit your guts.  Facilities available include Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving and Wind Surfing.

While enjoying Macan Island Tourism, you will also find a number of facilities built with different concepts. Yes, because Macan Island is quite small and a number of facilities were built with different technologies, for example:

Japanese made solar cell technology to distribute and store electricity

Waste management becomes fertilizer for parks and mini gardens, or the process of recycling rubbish, which is a special attraction for visitors

A number of buildings with themes that are friendly to the environment, because it is made from wood.

Do not worry if you are confused because you do not know what you have to prepare before visiting the Macan Islands?. There are many activities that you must try while on the Macan Island, the following Java Private Tour will explain it to you.

You will not find crowds of people especially traffic jams here.  Guaranteed! The management of tourist attractions on this Small Island is limiting the maximum number of visitors each day.  Thus, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of privacy and tranquility while on vacation.

You will feel like you are on your own private island while enjoying the Java Private Tour Package on Macan Island. An exclusive feel and privacy is very thick here. No wonder that most tourists come to relax here while sunbathing on the beach or watching a charming sunset.

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Your perfect vacation on Pulau Macan won't be perfect if you don't try at least one of the water sports here.  Even more interesting, the management of the island and the Java Private Tour provide free snorkeling facilities, such as masks, fins, life jackets, or snorkel booties.  So you do not need to bring it from home or spend extra money for rent.

One more anti mainstream watersports that you must try is canoeing. When the tide rises, you can paddle a canoe to Macan Kecil Island, in fact, you can try swimming between the two islands, Macan Besar Island and Macan Kecil Island without a life jacket, try to imagine where else can you experience this kind of experience besides in Macan Island?

You can also surround this tiny island on foot. Don't worry about getting lost, because the route isn't complicated, and don't forget to capture the best spots on Macan Island. There are a number of interesting spots for selfies with definitely beautiful backgrounds, Grilled fish or barbecue party.  Enjoy the delicious fresh sea fish that have just been caught and cooked by burning, Planting corals, Yes, you can participate in preserving nature by following a coral planting program or planting corals in areas that are already damaged or extinct.  So, you can become a tourist who is environmentally responsible.




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